Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs shares 50the release – new EP from Celadon City




Today, Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs is celebrating the 50th release from the label/community with a ssh050: Celadon City – Summeryoung. The Summeryoung EP is the latest offering from outsider Oklahoman producer Ethan Strange who goes by the Pokemon inspired name Celadon City, which recalls a city from the original Gameboy game. Leading up to the EP release, Strange shared two singles “She’s My World” and “Natural.” The EP is a lush and nostalgic soundscape that was inspired by reflecting on the necessity of his imagination during his youth growing up in the sparse world of suburban Oklahoma.
Check out the EP, more info on Celadon City and Summeryoung, as well as previous Secret Songs releases, below.
STREAM – Summeryoung
About Celadon City: 
Celadon City is the moniker of 21-year-old electronic artist Ethan Strange. Strange hails from a small suburb of Edmond, Oklahoma, a quiet place that allows isolation from a busy and frustrating world. Sparked by an early discovery and passion of the outdoors and games like Pokemon, Strange’s sonic creations attempt to emulate the feeling of getting happily lost within exciting, welcoming, and whimsical new worlds.
Now after releasing his debut full length, Earth OST, Celadon City returns with his new EP SummeryoungSummeryoung is a collection of movements and reflections that spark the memory of his younger years. Celadon City wanted to take what he learned from writing Earth OST and explore more upbeat styles and sounds. Strange says, “This EP was formed from the recent unstable moments of my life. I always found time to sit down after long days at school and write skeletons of songs. It wasn’t until the summer that everything connected for me and I found the right moods for the EP. Emotion is always a central part in my songwriting, and so constantly I am trying harder and harder to deal with those moments and hopefully molding it into music that I can learn and grow from.”
Celadon City
(November 29, Secret Songs)
1. Natural
2. Masterkey
3. She’s My World
4. Animated
5. Heartsong
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