Veld Music Festival 2017 [NAS MEDIA REVIEW]

Friday, August 5th – The largest music festival in Toronto returns to Downsview Park for another incredible year of music at Veld Music Festival 2017. This time the festival has not only one but three stages for fans to experience all their favourite music from international DJ’s. There is the main stage, the Remy Martin Stage, and the Sony Xperia stage.


The day starts off with local Toronto DJ’s Manzone & Strong on the main stage, MC Flipside on the Remy Martin stage, and Dense & Pika on the Sony Xperia stage. Toronto weather was feeling nicer on this weekend, where it only rained for about an hour in the morning, and then it was nothing but clear skies for the rest of the day! As we were walking through the festival grounds there were several delicious food vendors that guests can fuel up from throughout the day. There were a lot of local vendors as well with vegan and gluten free options. Along with the vendors were fun air castles and sports that guests could play throughout the day.



As the festival progressed throughout the day more and more fans were filling up the park grounds with nothing but smiles and excitement on their faces. This is the event that fans have been waiting all summer for after all! Majority of the guests showed up in rave attire and costumes with fur, sparkles, and kandi bracelets, masks and bandanas.


We asked guests Meghan and Ryan who they were most excited to see,

“We’re so excited to see Gareth Emery, he is definitely one of our favourites! We’re going to make our way to the front of the stage to get the best spot.”

Gareth Emery hit the main stage at 4:35PM – 5:40PM and gave fans his best house music and electronic tracks having the crowd grooving and dancing to the Los Angeles based DJ’s songs.


Meanwhile on the Remy Martin stage, Slushii takes the stage with hundreds of fans shouting his name with signs that they made for their favourite DJ.


This is the first year where Veld had more hip hop artists on the artist line up than usual and although this is primarily an EDM festival, all of the guests were beyond excited to have a mix of both house music and hip hop/rap at the festival that they attend year after year. First on the line up of hip hop artists was renowned artist ASAP Ferg. The anticipation that the fans built to see this hip hop artists performance was unreal, fans were chanting “ASAP, ASAP” for about 10 minutes straight until the artist finally made his appearance on stage.


He delivered an extraordinary performance and ended up jumping off of the stage and stood on the barriers to engage completely with the fans. During his performance ASAP Ferg kept saying how he just wanted to party with Toronto, and how he doesn’t care about the fame, he was out there to have a great time just like everyone else!


Next up on the Remy Martin stage was the famous dubstep DJ, Borgore. He brought an energetic set that had guests head banging and chanting for more from all of the dubstep and electronic tunes that this DJ was sending out throughout the festival.


Over at the main stage, Zedd made his appearance and started off his set with his hit single “Clarity.” Zedd was considered as the EDM headliner that closed the festival, and made sure to bring all of his pyros along with him. There was fire, there was CO2 cannons, and there was fireworks! Zedd truly knows how to put on a show and how to make the crowd go wild with his big room and house music tunes that we all know and love.


Switching back to the Remy Martin stage, rap group MIGOS came on stage and gave fans a performance to remember. There were ravers wearing MIGOS t-shirts and tank tops, chanting their name throughout their performance, as well as singing along to their favourite songs by this rap trio.



As the night comes to a close, the main headliner of the night was famously known hip hop artist, Future. The anticipation for his performance was something we have never seen before. His set time was at 9:45PM, however he did not enter the stage until about 10:15PM, leaving a huge suspense for all fans. The mass crowd of over thousands of people were chanting his name until their favourite hip hop artist made his way to the main stage. The lights came on as bright as they possibly could and out came Future with a black hoodie, white denim jacket, and some gold sunglasses on. He sang songs off his new album, his singles, and featured songs with Drake and many other artists. He closed his set thanking Toronto and admired how much of a lively crowd and music scene we have.


Overall, day one of Veld Music Festival was a success and fans were already counting down the hours until they can get right back on the park grounds to do it all over again for day two.

Saturday, August 6th – The second and final day of Veld is here and guests are re-entering the festival with even more energy than the day before. Rave attire on, glam ready, and the dancing shoes are on, everyone is ready to start raving and grooving to all of their best-loved artists and DJ’s that they have been waiting to see in Toronto all year long.


First up on the line up, Mark Oliver on the main stage, MC Flipside on the Remy Martin Stage, and Giddy on the Sony Xperia stage, all of these talented DJ’s are ready to set the positive and warm vibes for all the ravers entering the festival once again. Toronto weather decided to bless us once more by delivering nothing but sun shine and full heat.

Toronto household names Frank Walker and Loud Luxury take the main stage and have guests immediately start dancing on their feet, shuffling and grooving away to the house music vibes.


Over at the Sony Xperia stage, England’s very own house/techno DJ Mark Knight takes the stage and has the entire tented area filing up quite quickly with this DJ’s epic tracks.


Just a short walk away from all of these stages were a couple amusement park rides such as a ferris wheel and a ride that takes you upside down! The line ups for these rides were full every day with festival goers wanting to get the best view of the festival grounds and enjoy the speed and fun feeling of being upside down.

_MG_8727_MG_8728There were a lot of different dessert options as well for when guests needed to fulfill a dessert craving… There was Kawartha ice cream on site as well as crepes, cheesecake, and an ice cream truck nearby all of the different vendors. Guests would enjoy a big heaping scoop of fresh ice cream while sitting on the hill watching and listening to the talented DJ’s and staying refreshed and cool from the beautiful weather that Toronto brought for us.

Right beyond the hill was DJ Ookay on the Remy Martin stage. He was playing all of the tracks that his fans know and love and had every single festival goer shuffling and rocking out in the crowd. At the end of his set he came outside of the DJ booth and said hello to all fans and thanked them for being such a great time.


On to some hip-hop! Lil Uzi Vert had to unfortunately cancel his performance due to issues with travelling, however we were lucky enough to have a quick replacement with the unforgettable French Montana! French was placed to go on stage at 6:00PM and he had a wonderful DJ warm up the crowd for about 10 minutes before his set started.

_DSC4928.jpg This female DJ was dancing and twerking for the crowd and having a great time getting the crowd riled up for Mr. Montana. With the crowds anticipation for this hip-hop artist at a high, French made his way on stage with an all Gucci outfit and a smile to match.



He played songs from some of his very first hit singles all the way to the most recent ones like his current top charted single Unforgettable. He had the crowd going wild, singing along to each and every song that he played, showing French just how much of his true fans are from Toronto.

Next up, Tchami took the main stage and delivered all of the future house vibes that had the crowd mesmerized from the start of his set all the way to the finish.


Over on the Remy Martin stage, the humorous and talented DJ Getter took the stage with his many featured styles of music such as dubstep, trap music, drum n bass, and electro house. He pretty much delivered all types of vibes throughout his set and even showcased a remix of one Blink 182’s new songs off their album ‘California.’ His energetic set left festival goers with their energy spiked up to level 100 and ready for the world renowned dutch DJ, Tiesto over at the main stage.


This is the first year that Tiesto has ever visited Veld Music Festival and this was a very exciting moment for all Torontians and ravers from all over the world that visit this festival year after year. As the sun went down, ravers excitement continued to increase with the entrance of the extraordinarily talented DJ. Tiesto delivered an unreal set, playing his famous older songs as well as many new tracks that he has been working on, along with featured tracks with other internationally recognized DJ’s such as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and many others. He closed his set with a lot of fire, CO2 cannons and the roar of the crowd, not believing that they have finally seen this famous DJ in their city.


Over at the Remy Martin stage, some craziness was going on when Tory Lanez entered the stage. This was by far the most incredible performance we saw all weekend. The Toronto legend Tory Lanez loved the crowds energy so much that he wanted to show Torontonians just how much he appreciated and loved them. He shouted on the mic that he wanted to crowd surf from the very front of the stage all the way to the back! Guests weren’t sure if he was being serious or not, but low and behold Lanez jumped into the crowd and began crowd surfing while singing to his songs until he reached the far back of the crowd where the sound booth is. _DSC5416He ended up climbing all the way up the sound booth tent and ended his set singing on the roof of the tent to a crowd that we’ve never seen so excited before. Tory Lanez definitely left an impression on Torontonians and had every one posting of his outrageous performance on all of their social media channels, bragging to their friends of how incredible of a time they are having at this popular festival of the summer.


Time for the final act of the night, the one that everyone has been looking forward to, Major Lazer! This is also Major Lazers first time at Veld Music Festival so they were super excited to show Toronto just how energetic their sets are. And boy, they did not disappoint. Diplo (1/3 of the trio) was throwing out t-shirts, whistles, and memorabilia to the crowd throughout the beginning of their performance.

_DSC5542_DSC5465_DSC5457They also brought out all of the Major Lazer dancers that entertained the crowd with their amazing dance moves and portable CO2 cannons that they launched from their waist side, creating smoke from all over the stage. _MG_0962_MG_0969Diplo decided to bring his see-through inflatable sphere where he can enter inside of this clear ball and crowd surf and run all over the crowd with it. It was an absolutely crazy time with fans energy surpassing level 100.


They had fire works, they had fire that never quit, and CO2 cannons that could last as long as the night. Major Lazer is a trio that does not disappoint, from the dance hall tunes to the EDM tracks that they played, there was not a single person that was not up and dancing on their feet with a smile from ear to ear. This group was definitely a perfect choice to close out this incredible festival.


With fireworks in the sky, day two has come to a close. It is easy to say that Veld Music Festival has exceeded and surpassed all expectations for 2017 and in our opinion, this has by far been the best Veld Festival to date. We are already looking forward to next year and who the Ink team will decide to bring on for the artist line up. (We’re hoping a few of these artists make their way back again next year!)


Thank you Veld! For our full photo album, click here.


Illenium Announces Phase One of Nationwide ‘AWAKE’ Tour & New ‘Fractures’ Remix






Nick Miller, better known globally by his stage name Illenium, has had what can only be described as a banner summer. Playing massive festivals from Bonnaroo, EDC, Firefly, and Electric Forest to SOLD OUT club gigs across the country, the Denver based producer has taken his distinct brand of melodic bass from the mountains of Colorado to hundreds of thousands of fans internationally. Today Illenium has announced the first shows of his expansive ‘AWAKE’ tour, spanning from Denver to Kansas City, featuring currently unannounced support, and a fully revamped live setup.




Alongside the tour announcement, Illenium has also released the highly anticipated Trivecta Remix of ‘Fractures (ft. Nevve)’, which was initially teased in his EDC recap. Seeing heavy play throughout Miller’s sets, Trivecta’s rework maintains the melodic structure of the original, while adding an extra element of intensity, perfect for festival crowds. With Miller’s original effort having just crossed the 23,000,000-stream mark across all platforms, ‘Fractures (ft. Nevve)’ has received the perfect Main Stage treatment courtesy of Trivecta.


Fans can catch Illenium live all across the United States starting in Denver in November, heading through massive stadiums from San Francisco to Chicago, with many more dates set to be announced. The first date on his ‘AWAKE’ tour at the 1stBank Center in Colorado (November 10th) has already sold thousands of tickets, and will serve as Miller’s biggest headlining show to date. Pre-sale for tickets will be on Thursday July 20th 10am – 10pm local time, and the code is ‘Awake’. Fans who can’t make an upcoming show can listen to Illenium’s latest ‘Ashes to Ashes’ mix here! Follow Illenium, Trivecta, Seeking Blue, and Kasaya via their socials below, and grab tickets for all Illenium shows here!


11.10 – 1stBank Center – Denver, CO
11.22 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA

11.24 – WaMu Theater – Seattle, WA

11.25 – Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR

12.14 – Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL

12.21 – Arvest Bank Theatre – Kansas City, MO










EDX Releases New Single ‘Bloom’ out now on Spinnin Deep + International Tour!



Continuing his growing relationship with Spinnin’ DeepEDX turns into the latter half of 2017 with brand new single ‘Bloom’, out now to stream and download worldwide.

After the old-school vibe of 25-year-anniversary marker ‘Voyage’, ‘Bloom’ sees the Swiss super producer return to a darker, more contemporary core. The stripped back cut shows hints of minimal tech-house that fluctuate confidently against EDX’s trademark deep, sonic basslines. Blooming in and out of the composition as the title suggests, the bass underpins chugging percussion elements and vocal stabs that work together to create a constantly driving, pushing, expanding rhythm.

With a concentration of dates in Europe over the summer festival and Ibiza season, including the legendary Tomorrowland as part of Spinnin’ Sessions, EDX returns to North American shores later this year with dates including Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC and Chicago.

EDX ‘Bloom’ is out now on Spinnin’ Deep.


For full details on all EDX Tour Dates, see below:

July 18 – Tomorrowland pres. Garden of Madness, Ushuaïa IBIZA

July 26 – HÏ Ibiza, IBIZA

July 28 – Tomorrowland – Spinnin’ Sessions, Boom BELGIUM

July 29 – Euforia Festival, Boszkowo POLAND

August 1 – Tomorrowland pres. Garden of Madness, Ushuaïa IBIZA

August 4 – Dance D-Vision, Zottegem BELGIUM

August 12 – Dance Valley, Spaardnem THE NETHERLANDS

August 14 – Sziget Festival, Budapest HUNGARY

August 15 – Tomorrowland pres. Garden of Madness, Ushuaïa IBIZA

August 19 – Kygo, Ushuaïa IBIZA

August 19 – Music On The Rocks, Positano ITALY

August 23 – Surrender, Las Vegas NV

August 25 – The Grasshopper, Ferndale MI

August 26 – Sound Nightclub, Los Angeles CA

August 27 – Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas NV

August 27 – Phoenix Hotel Pool, San Francisco CA

August 28 – XS, Las Vegas NV

September 7 – Intrigue, Las Vegas NV

September 8 – Soundcheck, Washington DC

September 12 – Shrine Nightclub, Mashantucket CT








Marc Scibilia and Stadiumx Release New Track “Those Were The Days” Out Now via BMG.

‘Those Were The Days’ the collaboration from Hungarian progressive house duo, Stadiumx and US singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia is out now via BMG.

Stream – ‘Those Were The Days’

An irresistibly fun and smooth production, Stadiumx have delivered on all fronts with ‘Those Were The Days’, as they combine warm pads and an upbeat tropical house percussion with Marc Scibilia’s undeniably and emotional catchy topline.

Released via BMGs newly focused dance division, ‘Those Were The Days’ is bound to be played out across the airwaves this summer, and will be receiving remixes from the likes of Tocadisco, Plastik Funk and Oliver Moldan over the next month.

Check out the lyric video below!

Bud Light Dreams Festival 2017 [NAS MEDIA Review]

Friday, July 7 – The day that we have all been waiting for has finally come, Dreams Festival 2017! The festival doors opened at 4PM with a line up of excited fans waiting to enter back into the place where their hearts are stolen every year. The sun was shining down bright on all of the dreamers and they were ready to get their groove on. We headed over to the Dream House stage to watch DJ Hydee put everyone in the Drum and Bass mood. While Hydee was delivering all the DnB, Ryan Shepherd and Jamie Kidd were bringing over some great techno and house vibes to the Echo Beach and Waterfront Stage.

Dreams Fest 2017

As the day continued more and more great acts began to hit the stage, such as What So NotSteve AngelloThomas JackBaauer, and many more!

Dreams Fest 2017

When the evening began to hit, the clouds started to get darker and sounds of thunder were approaching. Unfortunately rain took over the area for about an hour and 45 minutes, and all stages had to shut down briefly while this weather warning took place. Guests began to find cover and everyone was allocated to the Budweiser Stage area to wait out the weather warning.

Dreams Fest 2017

Shortly after, the sun decided to make its entrance once again, and the music started right back up. A little rain won’t stop these dreamers!

Dreams Fest 2017

As the guests made their way back to the main area, the headlining acts took over the three stages, Loco Dice, Andy C, and Above and Beyond. Each stage held different sounds but nonetheless the hype and the fun was definitely present all throughout RBC Echo Beach. Day one closed off with fireworks in the sky, which left Dreamers counting down the hours until they can get their dancing shoes back on for day two.

Dreams Fest 2017


Saturday, July 8 – Day two is here, with the doors opening earlier at 2PM, Dreamers are already pumped and looking forward to the days activities. As Dreamers are entering the grounds, there are a bunch of different vendors, jumping castles, Bud Light Living stations and much more! There were also beautiful art installations on the hills where guests can lounge and hangout with their friends when they needed a little break from all the grooving. Now, let’s get to the music! Day two started off with openers such as Saad Ayub, Mark Oliver, House Yoga, and more!


Dreams Fest 2017

Toronto decided to bless us with some incredible weather and gave us blue skies and full shining sun throughout the day. Not a drop of rain was in sight, thank you 6ix God! We headed over to the Dream House stage where Infected Mushroom were playing their electronica beats, leaving the crowd raging and wanting more. If you’ve ever seen Infected Mushroom play live, you know what we’re talking about. They truly bring the energy to another level during their sets.


We decided to make our way over to the Waterfront stage, where a completely different vibe took place throughout this area. The stage was covered with a variety of leaves representing a type of jungle/forest aesthetic. There was a little hill that guests could sit/lounge on while watching their favourite DJ’s perform in front of them.


As we arrived to this stage, we were lucky to see the one and only DJ Hanzel (aka Dillon Francis) head onto the stage dressed in his German persona, wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and a buttoned up black dressed shirt.


He brought all of the deep house vibes and literally left the fans screaming for more. There were signs that fans made of DJ Hanzel throughout the crowd and a lot of die hard fans ecstatic that DJ Hanzel made his first appearance in Toronto. [We’re definitely the lucky ones, here.]


We grooved over to the Echo Beach stage where DVBBS was performing and without surprise, they already had the crowd going wild within just a few minutes of their set. CO2 cannons blasting and the heat of fire blazing out from the stage was more than enough to have fans even more ecstatic while listening to DVBBS big room house tunes. Watching DVBBS perform live is always a fun time because the energy they bring to the stage is always at level 100.


As the evening hit, the headliners came through… MalaaMarkus Schulz, and Dillstradamus entered onto their stages. Malaa brought the dance and electronic music to the Waterfront stage where guests were packed side to side waiting to see the French producer. Moving on to the Dream House, Markus Schulz brought the trance vibes and had the Dream House tent full to capacity with fans raving to their favourite tunes from this German-American DJ.

Dreams Fest 2017

Last but not least, over at the Echo Beach stage was Dillstradamus, where two incredible DJ’s Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus paired together for an unimaginable trap/house set. It was the duos first time performing together as Dillstradamus in Toronto and boy, were we in for a treat. The main stage was packed with ravers chanting for their favourite trap and Moombahton DJ.

Dreams Fest 2017

Their entrance to the stage was unlike no other, with deep bass vibing through the speakers and lines of fire repeatedly covering the front of the stage, both of the DJ’s entering the stage separately on two risen platforms. As soon as they stepped up on the platforms the crowd went wild, the fire was still blazing throughout the stage and the trap beats began to come through.


They were playing songs from hip hop artists such as Lil Uzi VertDrake, as well as some original songs by Dillon Francis and by Flosstradamus. The two DJ’s of the hour ended their set with fireworks in the sky and a lot of big thank you’s to their Toronto fans.


Dreams Festival continues to show that year after year, the City of Toronto continues to stand out with their events and nightlife. This was only the first festival of the summer and there are still many more to come. We may be biased, but nobody holds a festival like our city does. Toronto ravers and fans will forever go hard for their favourite artists and our music scene is still stronger than ever. Thank you Dreams Festival for having Nas Media out once again and we are already looking forward to next year!


For the full album of photos from Dreams Festival, click here.








Fast rising Russian bass house duo VOLAC announces their debut North American tour, with a mind-blowing 10 shows in just 11 days.


Showcasing their single ‘No Love’, set for release later this month and previewing exclusively here, the pair will hit US dance floors from August 3 through to August 13, with dates including HARD Fest, Elements Festival, The Mid in Chicago and Washington DC’s Flash.

The pair, whose heavy sound and animated ‘VOLACAST’ podcasts have won them an army of fans around the world, jet into the States having just completed a whirlwind tour of Australia. Known for their energetic grooves and floor-shaking basslines, tracks like ‘UZI’ on Amine Edge & DANCE’s CUFF Records, and ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Do Ya Thing’ on AC Slater’s Night Bass imprint have kept them up front and centre in the explosively popular bass genres. With just one more date left to be confirmed on the tour, VOLAC are more than looking forward to destroying sound systems up and down the country.

The No Love Tour is more than ‘just a tour’ for us,” said Stas and Sasha of VOLAC speaking on the road in Australia, “and at one point something like this seemed nearly impossible. Apparently, nothing is impossible nowadays! We’re so excited to play for our American fans.”

As the tour name suggests, ‘No Love’ will drop on label Hits Hard just before the pair land on US soil, ensuring interest in the boys is at fever pitch. For more information on VOLAC, including ticket links and music release news, connect with them at:


03.08 – EOS Lounge, Santa Barbara CA

04.08 – Maya Day & Nightclub, Scottsdale AZ

05.08 – Bang Bang, San Diego CA

06.08 – HARD Fest, Fontana CA

08.08 – TBA

09.08 – La Cave, Orange County LA

10.08 – Ethics Music Lounge, Austin TX

11.08 – The Mid, Chicago IL

12.08 – Flash, Washington DC

13.08 – Elements Festival, New York NY


Its The Ship Announces International ‘Deck Selecta’ Competition







More than living up to its name, IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s Largest Festival At Sea, today announced their huge new ‘Deck Selecta’ competition, where three lucky winners will get to perform sets aboard the highly anticipated four-day floating event in front of crowds 4,000 strong.

The competition includes travel (no global restrictions), accommodation aboard Dream Cruises’ luxury cruise liner Genting Dream as she sails between Singapore and Phuket, Thailand, and the chance to rub shoulders with a sparkling roster of A-list artists lined up to take part in one of the most unique, high-octane festival settings anywhere in the world.

To enter, participants must upload one original track and one 45-minute mix (including 2 original tracks and an accurate set list) to either SoundCloud or Mixcloud, entitled “Deck Selecta – <ARTIST NAME>”. Then simply head over to the IT’S THE SHIP website, hit the Deck Selecta contest tab and fill in the form accordingly:

‘Deck Selecta’ Competition

Submissions open today (July 7th) at 8pm GMT+8 and close on July 27th at 11:59pm GMT+8, with the competition open to anyone over the age of 18-years-old.

With early bird (phase 1) tickets already completely sold out, it’s clear that demand for IT’S THE SHIP 2017 is at an all-time high.

Fans traveling alone are encouraged to take full advantage of the ‘Roommate Match’ initiative, which pairs up solo travellers who don’t want to pay the full single occupancy rate (usually the price of a minimum of 2 pax) for the cruise. Following a substantial increase in solo travellers over the years, ‘Roommate Match’ provides these travellers the chance to meet other crewmembers from over 50 countries. Cabins available for ‘Roommate Match’ are INSIDE CABIN (LOWER & UPPER DECK) – for more information or to apply for a pairing, send your inquiry to

Head to for cabin purchase

and all the latest information on IT’S THE SHIP

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

About The Livescape Group

The Livescape Group is Southeast Asia’s largest award-winning entertainment and creative agency. Offering in-house marketing, creative design, event production, logistics management, and artist management and booking, The Livescape Group has successfully created and managed world class events including IT’S THE SHIP, Rockaway Festival, Armin Only Embrace, and After Dark Social Club (ADSC). Our 360-degree approach to event management has driven us to be the go-to event agency for the best-known brands on the planet. The Livescape Group currently has offices based in Malaysia, Singapore, and Jakarta.

About Dream Cruises

Genting Hong Kong brings over 23 years’ of Asian cruise industry experience together with internationally-acclaimed luxury cruise expertise in creating its new cruise line – Dream Cruises. With a heritage of international and regional cruise expertise embedded in its DNA, Dream Cruises is Asia’s first-ever luxury cruise brand and caters specifically to the large and rapidly growing premium market in China and Asia. Dream Cruises aims to be a pacesetter in the cruise industry in the region, meeting the needs of the ‘emerging generation’ of confident, independently-minded and affluent Asian travellers. Dream Cruises offers inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit.

Purpose-built for the China and Asia market, Genting Dream, the first ship of the fleet, had its debut last November 2016, with its sister ship World Dream scheduled for November 2017, offering guests the highest levels of service and spacious comfort in the region. Accommodations reflect both size and choice for travellers with over 70 per cent of staterooms featuring private balconies and 100 connecting rooms catering to extended families and groups. Two floors of lavish suites in the exclusive Dream Mansion will feature European butler service and special guest privileges. With the finest Asian and international dining, exceptional service, enthralling entertainment such as karaoke lounges and Zouk At Sea, Dream Cruises aims to redefine vacation travel with a transformational journey at sea.


01 Thomas Gold by Natascha Romboy.jpg

As if gifting fans around the world with one massive track after another wasn’t good enough of late, Thomas Gold today casually drops a completely free banger into the mix.  To get your copy, simply click on the link below and follow Thomas’ ‘FanFare’ Spotify playlist before the download expires on July 12th.


Thomas has had an absolutely outstanding year so far. ‘You Know’ follows on from huge international hits ‘Magic’, ‘Better Versions of Myself’ and most recently ‘The Chant’, which won glowing reviews from the likes of Dancing Astronaut, Earmilk and Noise Porn.

As with ‘The Chant’, ‘You Know’ sees him dive right back into the energetic, progressive, club-focused sound that first bought him to the world’s attention. Rhythm is absolutely key to the production, with the various elements – horn synths, driving vocal, insistent bass – running in and out of each other to build simple but incredibly effective swells of energy, creating a monster peak-time DJ weapon.

Not forgetting that it’s “that time of year again”, fans of Thomas can show their support by heading over to the 2017 DJ Mag Top 100. Always guaranteed to kick up a lively debate across the electronic music world, there’s still no denying the poll’s presence in the annual calendar, or the importance of getting pedigree artists in its ranks.

With the second half of his long player ‘Revelation’ imminent, plus major music news still to be unveiled, 2017 just keeps on getting better and better for Thomas Gold. For more information on all things Gold, visit

Thomas Gold ‘The Chant’ is out now to stream and download via Armada Music (FIRE LINK).









Snapchat: djthomasgold

Toronto DJ/Producer Saad Ayub: Interview with [NAS MEDIA]

Saad -new press.jpg

We had the chance to chat with Toronto DJ and producer Saad Ayub before his anticipated performance at the upcoming Bud Light Dreams Festival this July 7-8th. Ayub discussed his biggest inspirations, some tips for up and coming DJ’s, and what’s next for him and his music in 2018. Saad Ayub will be playing Toronto’s ‘Dreams Festival’ on Saturday, July 8. Tickets & more info click here.

If you can’t wait until Dreams Festival to hear Saad Ayub, he will be doing a street mix on Z103 this Monday, June 26 on the Drive @ 5, listeners can tune in!

Saad Z103 Dreams.png

Read on to learn more about Saad Ayub and what he will be up to.

We know that you will be performing this summer at Dreams Festival this upcoming July. How does it feel to perform at one of the biggest festivals in Toronto and showcase your music to thousands of fans?

 It is an absolute honour and privilege to play any major festival: Dreams is definitely top of the list for me as far as fests to perform at. The hometown crowd always brings a special vibe and energy, and I’m super excited to showcase some fresh, unreleased tracks I’ve been working on.

How has your music evolved since you first began producing?

If you follow my radio show you can hear on the intro jingle that I try to tell my life stories through my music. The sounds I produce revolve around how I feel and which direction my life is taking at any given time, and I feel I connect with my fans in great depth due to that. It’s hard to describe the evolution of my sound, but constant change is definitely there, and one of my main focuses is to push and try new things.

Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?

Armin Van Buuren for giving me the opportunities to showcase my music on his label, Ferry Corsten for his unique sound of music and Aly & Fila for pushing that harder style of Trance Music.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

As a DJ, the most memorable night for me was my closing set for the Digital Dreams 2013 After Party at Footwork. People were lined up to see me till 4am and the place was a jam-packed until the very end. As an attendee, there have been too many great ones to mention, but they mostly involve nights at Guv with my crew.

What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJ’s making? What advice would you give to aspiring DJ’s?

CC-ing all DJs in a single email to support their tunes. Not going to lie, I was guilty for doing that too, early on. My advice is to send personalized emails and to know who you are pitching. It is key that you show you know what they’re into, and aren’t just spamming them along with hundreds of others. Never take a spray and pray approach when pitching your tracks for support!

Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

 Globally scene is becoming more Performance based again. In Toronto, its really unpredictable market – even to look ahead six months – but normally after Summer you can have an idea of what’s new and hot. In five years? I think and hope that Rebel will become the hub for Dance Music in Toronto just like how The Guvernment used to be.

What is one sub-genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Liquid Drum and Bass

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

I have two, since I couldn’t pick just one 😉

Aly & Fila – First Sun

Armin Van Buuren – Safe Inside You

What are your future plans in producing for 2017?

My 2017 productions are now pretty much finished and I’m now starting to plan for 2018. I have just released two new tracks: one with Sylvia Tosun called “Welcome to the World” on Sea to Sun, and the other one, “Revolution” with Elevation, released on A State of Trance. I have some big tunes lined up to be released starting in August and every 4-6 weeks until the end of the year. Words can’t describe how excited I am to release the upcoming ones. Some big news is coming soon!


If you love Saad Ayub’s music as much as we do, you can stream Saad Ayub’s latest track ‘Revolution’ released on A State of Trance:




Red Bull Sound Select: Block Party Gives You Wings [Nas Media]

Saturday June 17th – Red Bull Sound Select threw quite the block party this past Saturday at the Drake Commissary in Toronto. The day party was scheduled to start at 3PM, however Toronto’s weather had something else planned for the city. There was an issued tornado warning for about two hours over the city but thankfully the Red Bull gods came through and brought some sun over the 6ix, with only a couple hours of the block party being delayed.


Photos by Harrison Haines.

As the rain clouds began to part and the sun started to shine through, more and more guests started to arrive, ready to get their groove on to some great local acts and performances. Collectif Nude curated the event and they did a great job with all of the decorations, merchandise on site, and bringing their own style to the party.



There were featured performances by MADDEE, Shagabond, Ralph, and Young Clancy. All of these artists brought a great crowd in front of their stage and brought some wicked vibes to the block party filled with positive energy and created a chill atmosphere with their upbeat pop and synth rhythms. There were also three DJ’s Jayemkayem, Max Melanin, and Ganbei, who brought some great hip-hop and deep house tunes for the crowd in between sets.


Towards the evening, more and more guests started to show up and the entire lot was filled with smiling faces and happy dancers. This Red Bull Sound Select show was a complete success and we’re glad that we got to be a part of it! We’re hoping Red Bull Sound Select visits our city more often, they sure know how to throw a party.


For a full set of photos, visit our Facebook page.