Interview with DJ Ortzy [Heard It From Nas]

We had the chance to chat with Colombian/Spanish House DJ Ortzy and learn more about his music career and his producing styles! Read on below to hear more about this Netherland-based DJ and what he’s up to this year.


What made you decide to become a solo artist, after leaving the HIIO duo?

After many years with the duo, I felt I needed a change in many aspects of my life, like my music direction, the city where I was living, and the business environment that I had for many years. That’s why I moved to the Netherlands, I started making more commercial music and started creating a bigger network than what I had all my life.

We love your new single ‘Stand Up’! Can you tell us your creative process behind this track?

The twins (Bec & Sebastian) had a vocal idea and they sent it to Ben, who loved it, and he thought it could be really good to have a Future Bass and more commercial approach for that song so he came to me. I loved it and then we started the creative process of the production going back and forth until it was perfect!

How is it like working with Ben Ambergen and Bec & Sebastian?

We had a great team! All of them are really cool and very open to discuss or change anything that would be better for the song. That’s really important when you are making music!

We know you have performed at many big name festivals such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Creamfields, and more. What has been your favourite festival to perform at?

Tomorrowland was the most important one for me because of everything that it means for artists and for the fans. But the set at Creamfields was really special because the stage was huge, the crowd went crazy, and it was our first big festival in Argentina.

Where do you find your music inspiration? Which artist inspires you the most?

Since I’m more into the commercial music, I try to listen to a lot of Pop, Hip Hop, Trap and Urban music in general. But I’m also a big fan of Latin music, so I’m always listening to music like that, too. Regarding to get inspiration I really get it from everywhere, there are not special genres of music or artists.

Tell us one thing that your fans don’t know about you.

My real name is Ortzi!!

How do you try to make yourself stand out in this saturated Electronic Dance Music industry?

That’s the same question I have in my head every morning! I don’t really know, first I try to be different, to learn something new everyday about production, music theory, social media, etc. So I can apply it for my own career. I think the more you learn, the more things you’re able to achieve and compete in a higher level.

What are your future plans for 2018?

To release a lot of music! I have many tracks waiting to be released and I’m really excited about it! I want people to listen to my new sound and fall in love with my solo project as much as they did when I was HIIO!

Electric Island Is Back For It’s 6IXTH Season!

Thursday, April 12, 2018 – Electric Island is back again this year for it’s 6IXTH season! Taking place on Sunday, May 20th, 2018 at the infamous spot Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Islands! There’s no other better way to kick off Spring like no other than hitting up The Islands for something Electric.

unnamed (2).jpg

Photos by Ded Agency

As always, this year calls for another great lineup with many talented dance music DJ’s and producers. There will be TWO stages this year, the Main Stage and the Moog Audio Stage with diverse music being played at each stage from the sounds of Black Coffee, DJ Tennis, Yokoo, Ellen Allien, Carlo Lio with B2B Nathan Barato & many more!

unnamed (1)

With the 6th season taking place next month, this is definitely an event that you do not want to miss. We are sure that it will be just as electric as it has been for the last 5 seasons!

Bringing electronic music’s talented DJ’s to the Toronto Island stages, it’s a great time to gather your crew to enjoy a intimate laid back concert with a picnic vibe.

There will be food trucks galore once again at this event, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry! As well as bars where you can find all your favourite beverages while grooving to the electric tunes. Don’t wait, buy your tickets now, here.

See you all on the Island!








WHEN – SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018

Never has it felt so good to trade in that winter coat for a jean jacket, those boots for your favourite kicks, and your scarf for a cool pair of shades. Yes Toronto, spring has sprung and there’s no better way to welcome you from hibernation than with the season six opening event of Electric Island. For the past 6 summers, Electric Island partners Embrace, Footwork and Platform have developed the series, bringing electronic music’s biggest names to the stage, while maintaining that intimate and laid-back concert + picnic vibe. On Sunday, May 20, 2018, gather your crew and head over to Hanlan’s Point for the official season six kick-off!

The opening event is always a special one, so it’s no surprise that Electric Island has called upon a diverse roster of dance music’s finest talent to get the party started. In alphabetical order, the Main Stage will host the highly anticipated Electric Island debut of South African DJ-Producer Black Coffee, a Toronto favourite who’s become an Electric Island household name; it’s Life and Death’s DJ Tennis, Berlin’s techno badass and BPitch Control empress Ellen Allien, Japan’s eccentric and versatile Koki, Montreal’s long-standing powerhouse duo Nymra & Sofisticated, and All Day I Dream frequenter YokoO. From start to finish, the beats at Main Stage will be flowing.

Back again will be the side stage, dubbed this year as the Moog Audio Stage, where music lovers can dwell amongst a more intimate atmosphere. For this edition, the Moog Audio Stage will claim the hearts of Toronto loyalists, as they welcome homegrown talent Carlo Lio b2b Nathan Barato to the decks! From inside the walls of Footwork [Toronto], to the international stages of Paradise, Mindshake, SCI+TEC and more, it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch this twosome explode onto the scene. Joining them will be Toronto’s Chris Larsen and Demuir. There’s no better way to kick off the season than alongside our city’s pioneers.

For More Information, Please Visit:

⚡️ LINE-UP ⚡️






Artist Interview: DJ Markem [Heard It From Nas] Miami 2018

We had the chance to meet up with DJ/Producer Markem, while we were in Miami for Miami Music Week. We met with him in front of the Bayfront Park where the legendary Ultra Music Festival Miami takes place. Read on to learn more about this hometown Miami DJ and his music career.


We know that you and David Tort run the music label HoTL Records. What made you and David form the label, and what are some major successes that you’ve received from it?

We met 10 years ago in Columbia, he was playing a party in Columbia. He was always a huge inspiration to me as a producer. We met that day and we shared the same taste in music, so the friendship grew from there. I use to be a resident DJ at Space Miami and so was he so we just built that relationship and started working on music together. We realized after a certain time we had so much music together that couldn’t be released on other record labels, that why not try to make our own.

Last year we had a track called “Strangers” that was released on Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS record Label that is a sub label from Spinnin’. It became a huge summer track, and we were in Beatport Top 100 for a year with two million stream on Spotify. That opened the door to many places. It was the biggest accomplishment we’ve had with a track.


Do you have any new music/projects that you are working on now?

Talking about “Strangers” we are working on the follow up record to it. The music is done, now just trying to find a vocalist to finish it up. We have a few new remixes that we are working on for our new label. However we aren’t sure on release dates. Sometimes you want to schedule thing but you just have to go with the flow. We have many tracks so over the next 6-7 months you’ll be hearing a lot of them.

We know that you did the massive ‘Strangers’ track on Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS label last year, what was that experience like?

We never thought it was gonna be like that actually. We made the track by the end of 2016 and being honest we never played it before it got released. We played it last year at Miami Music Week and it was sent to a lot of DJ’s as a promo. For us it was weird, we made something that was really different from what the sound was at the time.

Some times as a producer you don’t know if people are gonna like it, you aren’t sure what’s gonna happen. But when people received the promo and they started playing it everywhere and they wanted the full track. You’re like what happened?!

Is this your first time playing in Miami? What do you love most about Miami and the music culture here?

I’ve been living in Miami for 17 years, I moved from Venezuela. I played last year during Miami Music Week it was an incredible time. You feel like family here, for me I’m home, this is my hometown. I have friends that come from all over the world that come here just for a week. Plus all the great parties where you get to listen to a lot of new music for me thats the best part.

I love the mix of cultures. I’ve been living here for the last 17 years. You have a mix of people from Europe, South America, everywhere in the world. That makes this city quite special.

It feels amazing when people ask you where you are from and you’re able to say MIAMI. People are always like wow it’s the party city of the world.

What do you need to have around you and/or a location that you need to be in for you to start your producing process?

I just need to listen to a few tracks that are not related to electronic music to get me some time of inspiration. What you really need is that idea that comes to your mind before producing a track. Because it’s difficult to get that done when you tell yourself you just need to work. Compared to being in the studio and something comes to mind and just going with the flow. I listen to a lot of Alternative Rock, Latin music, and Old Salsa music. That’s why when you listen to our tracks you hear a lot of percussions and Latin rhythm. Its what I listened to when I was little.


What is one thing that your fans don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I’m from Venezuela. I make sure to be clear about that when people ask me. Most people think I’m American because I’ve been in Miami for so long. I’m Venezuelan and proud.

How has your music evolved since you first started producing and songwriting?

I started as a club promoter for a Latin club. That was in 2003. EDM wasn’t as big as it is right now. When I started learning how to DJ everyone was like you need to mix Top 40 tracks but that wasn’t what I wanted to play. So I started playing Trance, but I’ve always been a lover of house. I’m playing more Progressive house now, I’m more on the tech side. It’s always evolving.

Who is your biggest music inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?

That’s a tough question! I wouldn’t say one specific person or band or DJ. I’m just a guy who loves all music that is made with some form of love. You can hear tracks and not care for them, but I listen to 1000 demos a month, there are tracks that are just made to be made but you know the ones that are made from the soul. As a producer I would say David Tort, he was one of my biggest inspirations and now he’s my business partner.

I had the chance to tour with David Guetta and Erik Morillo and when I see what they have done in their careers, it is huge and I really respect that. When I started opening for those guys I kind of didn’t believe it. I did two tours for him in Colombia, and it was like when you see someone on the TV or listen to his tracks and then all of a sudden you’re on stage opening for him its surreal. I had to ask myself if I was really handing off the decks to him.


What is one song that never gets old for you, no matter how many times you hear it?

Oxia – Domino. Every year I make a different edit of it just to keep it fresh but every time you drop it people are like, “WOW.”

The 305 Brought The Heat To Miami Music Week [Nas Media Review: 2018]

Photos and Review Written by: Maurice Veniot

March 20-27, 2018

Tuesday, March 20 – Flying in from Toronto, we touched down in Miami and our Miami Music Week (MMW) started at The Dream Hotel for Serafin & Friends + Sir William for Tasty Tuesday (South Beach Edition). With headlining DJ’s from B!tch Be Cool, DJ B-Side, Styline, DJ Serafin and more, this party was one that you wanted to start your MMW at! Miami Day 1 30Miami Day 1 40

Tasty Tuesday kicks off in great fashion with the Miami sun shining down on you. Playing to an intimate crowd of about 80 or so, things started off in perfect fashion. Giant inflatable cocks (the bird, don’t get too excited it’s still the first day) in the pool, and bottle service being brought around to the cabanas surrounding the pool. The stage set up was one that we haven’t seen before, the DJ’s were playing their set on this isolated island surrounded by water with massive gold chains dangling from the ceiling.

Miami Day 1 35

With DJ Serafin hosting this event we knew we were lined up for a great time. We met up with one of the artists who would play during todays rooftop set, Styline, (a.k.a Oskar Eichler) and his manager Jacob Merlin, a duo who do more than just their given titles here. The duo and their team manage 1001 Tracklist, the worlds leading trackless database. Set times where cut short, shifted and moved around, at this point we had no idea who was playing next. Styline finally hopped on the decks and rocked the house as people twerked on stage and in the pool. God bless Miami.

Miami Day 1 36.jpg

Pool parties can only last so long as the sun sets. We jumped from the Dream Hotel right on over to the Black Lizard Beast rooftop pool party presented by Leondro Da Silva at The Langford. The outdoor pool party started to fill up quickly with guests in anticipation for the headliners Dean Mason, Leandro Da Silva, Malone, MarkemStyline, and many more!

Miami Day 1 7Miami Day 1 10

A lot of the guests were relaxing by the poolside while the rest of the crowd was grooving and dancing while the DJ’s were spinning their tracks. The party could easily be found due to its projections on the building across the street featuring a large black lizard with its glowing red eye. Located on the 15th floor of the hotel, this bar turns into a club by night.

Miami Day 1 31.jpgMiami Day 1 14.jpg

With the DJ’s playing outside as the sun sets, you couldn’t ask for a better way to end the first night of MMW. The host of course, Leondro De Silva closed out the night as the stars started to shine in the sky.

Miami Day 1 18.jpg

Wednesday, March 21 – Next up is the DJ Mag Poolside Sessions at the infamous Surfcomber hotel. This year’s poolside sessions had a stellar artist line up. If you were looking to see a star studded set list, DJ Mag had it in store for you. Featuring artists like, Alan Walker, Black Madonna, Claptone, Ellen Alien, Fedde Le Grand, Lost Frequencies, and the secret surprise act for the night, none other than the twins from the land down under, NERVO.


Pool 1

Located on South Beach’s Collins Ave where you’ll see the likes of… well everyone. Surfcomber Hotel had an incredible set up for this event. As you pass through security and make your way through, the first thing you see is the massive pool surrounded by a mass of people grooving and dancing away. The sun was shining in typical Miami fashion, we knew this was gonna be a great day.

As we made our way past the pool, it featured a raised area right behind the stage where VIP bottle service was situated. We continued past this and entered a giant sandlot, where people could dance and enjoy the funky beats that were laid down by Ellen Alien.

Ellen Alien 1.jpg

Moving through the night people continued to file in. The stage was graced by Ultra main stage performer Fedde Le Grand, who played as the sun set, merely 100 feet away from the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful South Beach.

Fedde Le Grand 1Fedde Le Grand 7

Planes flew over all throughout the day, as they do every day, with banners for every afterparty imaginable. To finish the night, DJ Mag had a special guest in mind… All you had to do was have a look at the two issues of DJ Mag that were plastered everywhere. There were two covers of the DJ Mag issue. One of the artists was Black Madonna, who had already played earlier in the day. It left the guests with only one more option, as they all searched for the second issue, it was revealed to them that it was two blonde Australian sisters. Now it was time for the sisters to get on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome, Nervo.

Nervo 9Nervo 17

They played an electrifying set that set the bar to a whole other level. The girls were in their typical attire of funky, crazy, edgy style featuring My Little Pony accents. The sun set to the electronic tracks by these two sisters, but the beat kept going all night long.

Nervo 24

Thursday, March 22 – The National Hotel was our venue this afternoon. Our ears had the chance to be delighted by Carabetta & Doons, KC Lights, Latmun, Camelphat, MK, Will Clarke, Solardo and a featured very special guest. They didn’t just go for anyone here, they swung for the fences by getting the one and only, Diplo, as a special guest to play during the sun set.

KC Lights 19.jpg

Arriving at The National, the first thing you see is the massive pool surrounded by the hotels balconies which led you to another pool. This hotel was known for the longest pool in all of South Beach Miami. Boy, were we lucky. This 205 foot pool eventually led to the main sand lot where people could groove to funky house and tech house until midnight. The Scotsmen and KC Lights started to fill the dance floor as people got out of the pool and really started to party. Playing more of a house set, this DJ had the crowd in the palm of his hand.


Latmun kept the crowd dancing and grooving until Diplo arrived, with Starbucks in hand to play his set. The energy kicked up a notch when he arrived, going into a full Diplo set like you’d expect.

Diplo 14Diplo 4Diplo 8

Next on the list was the host himself, MK, who blew everyone away with such an enchanting house set that only he could do.

MK 2Diplo 11

Friday, March 23 – Welcome to the World of Anjuna, where deep tracks are king. Don’t expect any drops or any major commercial song to be played here. Situated at the 1 Hotel, one of the largest venues we saw during all of MMW. The crowd was packed with fans to see artists to the likes of Alpha 9, Fatum, Genix, Grum, Jason Ross, Jaytech, Judah, Spencer Brown, Sunny Lax, and Oliver Smith. It was quite the sight to see when someone ordered bottle service here. As the bottle is carried over, the servers run with a coloured smoke grenade that is almost reminiscent of a torch bearer at the olympics.

Alpha 9 1.jpg

The vibes at this beach party were like no other, there was not a single fan in sight that didn’t have a smile on their face. The music, view, and vibes tied in together so seamlessly, which made for a perfect way to start and end a Friday night in the beautiful city of Miami.

Alpha 9 5.jpg

Saturday, March 24 – Where else to finish the last string of Miami Music Week parties in no other than The W Hotel in Downtown Miami for the Sosumi Records Pool Party. This party was situated on the 50th floor of the hotel, with a view of Biscayne Bay, only a few streets from the closing set of Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Weeks pinnacle event. Guests still relaxed in the pool as Dean Mason and Styline played to a more intimate crowd. Kryder closed out the night as the host of the party, saying goodnight to a week of non stop music.

Dean Mason B2B Styline 2Dean Mason B2B Styline 9

Sunday, March 25 – We were off to the Romi Lux + Serafin Sundance Closing Pool Party at Mondrian South Beach. The atmosphere at this hotel was more of a relaxed one as this hotel wasn’t located on the main drag of hotels that were the host to this weeks festivities. The double tiered pool flowed out and continued to an enchanting view of Star Island, one of Miami’s many millionaire islands. Featuring a mega yacht at their doorstep, it made for quite the view. Don’t get it twisted as this wasn’t billed to be a rager pool party at the hotel, it was set to be more of a chill vibe atmosphere. DJ Styline spun some deep tracks and got the crowd going to the beat.


Now off to the Spinnin’ Hotel also known as the Nautilus Hotel, which hosted the record label all week with incredible artist take overs. However, today we would be graced by EDX on the decks, spinnin’ (pun intended) a slew of classic and some new exclusive tracks for us. EDX dropped a huge new track with Croatia Squad which left the crowd going wild. With Sam Feldt as his MC, he got the crowd to another level with guests still dancing in the pool until the sun was set. If you listen to EDX, you already know that he brought the bass and the captivating tunes that left each fan in a trance.


We just couldn’t bare to call it a night after the Spinnin’ Hotel, so we jumped on over to the Subliminal Sessions Pool Party with Erick Morillo. Catch this event late at night and you could feel that you were walking into something different. With the start of the night, Erick Morillo played some deep cuts, don’t expect this DJ to play “I Like To Move It” here. Morillo had the crowd in a trance, dancing and grooving to every bass kick from the massive speakers at the Surfcomber hotel. As the night came to a close, we reflected on the crazy week that was now behind us.

Miami Music Week never fails to amaze us, with talented DJ’s from all over the world in attendance and guests flying in from all over the world, Miami is one hell of a city that truly lives up to their name of the Miami Heat. It’s always hard to say goodbye to Miami, but we know that we will always be back. Until next year, 305!





Fedde Le Grand Drops ‘You Got Me Runnin” Out Now Via Darklight Recordings




Having just released his most recent creations ‘Bump ‘N Shake’ and ‘Monsta’ via his self-made label Darklight Recordings, Fedde Le Grand is showing no signs of slowing down as he announces the release of his latest track, ‘You Got Me Runnin’’ – available to buy or stream now.


‘You Got Me Runnin’’ is everything we’ve come to know and love from Fedde Le Grand over the years. Combining his unique touch with the most avant-garde production values around, ‘You Got Me Runnin’’ takes us on  an interesting voyage over its 3-minute duration. Constructed with a combination of raw talent and unmatched creative output, Fedde starts the track off with blissful melodic piano chords that set a distinctive tempo for the cut. The filter opens up as we’re presented with plush vocals that are intertwined with a stellar broken synth line, followed by a drum sample that is inevitably leading toward a drop that can only be described as a larger-than-life addition to a track that is already bursting with personality and energy. The result is yet another upbeat banger, oozing with character and ready for the dancefloor.

Playing an outstanding set at Ultra Music Festival’s 20th Anniversary event, where Fedde opened his set with ‘You Got Me Runnin’’, as well as playing the DJ Mag pool party at the Surfcomber Hotel during Miami Music Week, the Dutch pioneer has been on a non-stop roll. Announcing a slew of new shows, Fedde is set to bring his widely adored sound to fans all across the globe in the run up to summer!

Keep up with Fedde Le Grand:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram











To walk away from a wildly successful act, move to the other side of the world, and completely change music direction, purely because that’s what your gut instinct is telling you, might sound like complete lunacy. Yet that’s exactly what former HIIO member Ortzy has just done.


His new single ‘Stand Up’, a collaboration with one of Portugal’s most exciting producers Ben Ambergen and featuring Australian vocalists Bec & Sebastian, may prick more than a few ears expecting to hear the previous big room EDM sound he became internationally renowned for. Instead, Ortzy turns his head towards the Future Bass genre, teaming with Ambergen to deliver a perfectly crafted dance floor bomb that harnesses huge, bouncing bass rhythms and dreamy, floating vocals, positioning the two against each other for a popping, energetic cut.

Released today via PM Recordings – responsible for hits from Flo Rida, Aloe Blacc, Chocolate Puma, Syn Cole, Li’l Wayne – ‘Stand Up’ puts Ortzy straight back in amongst the big hitters, a position he’s particularly used to. With a resume that already reads like a who’s who of electronic music, as one half of the South American duo HIIO, the Colombian producer collaborated with Dannic, Thomas Gold, Chuckie, Kryder and more, played Tomorrowland, Tomorrowland Unite, Mysteryland, Holi Festival, Storyland, Creamfields, Kingsland, released tracks on Universal Music, Atlantic (Big Beat), Spinnin’ Records, Revealed Records, Armada Music, Music Freedom and Kontor, and was supported by the likes of Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Avicii – to name just a few.

Already famous in his home nation of Portugal thanks to an incendiary 2016 closing set at legendary festival MEO Sudoeste, Ben Ambergen is a regular fixture on the Beatport Top 100 chart, and bagging the highly coveted ‘Demo Of The Week’ spot on Hardwell On Air numerous times, his name and sound has become increasingly familiar to music fans around the world. Australian vocalists Bec & Sebastian released their self titled EP in 2016, making it to #14 on the iTunes pop charts. The Melbourne-based twins have performed alongside the likes of Megan Trainor, Li’l Kim and Clean Bandit, Owl Eyes and Bertie Blackman, and have swiftly established themselves as ones to watch over the course of 2018.

Stand Up’ follows hot on the heels of Ortzy’s earlier release on PM Recordings, ‘Press Repeat’. With more new music set to drop over the next couple of months, fans new and old can expect to hear a lot more from Ortzy as 2018 unfolds.

To catch up on all Ortzy’s latest music, visit






Ultra Music Festival Smashes Records On Its 20th Anniversary












ULTRA 2019 CONFIRMED FOR MARCH 29, 30 & 31 – 2019



A completely sold-out Ultra Music Festival saw its most memorable show to-date this past weekend at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami with the celebration of its landmark 20th anniversary. Swedish House MafiaWill SmithAbove & Beyond, HalseyDesiigner and Yo Gotti were just a few of the surprise performers that captivated 165,000 attendees from over 60 countries around the globe.



After much speculation and with anticipation at fever pitch, Swedish House Mafia reunited with a surprise performance to close the Main Stage and the festival on Sunday night. The historic reunion came almost five years to the day after the groups’ farewell performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013. The legendary trio, consisting of AxwellSebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, opened the set with ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’, and closed off the night in spectacular fashion with an encore of their globally renowned track ‘One’ to the delight of festival goers and the millions eagerly watching the live stream at home.

Saturday night was equally filled with a range of mind blowing and unexpected performances. Marshmello brought out special guests SlushiiYo GottiG-Eazy, and Lil Uzi Vert who all performed to a packed crowd, followed by a sensational appearance from the one and only Will Smith who performed his international hit ‘Miami’.

Tiësto, The ChainsmokersDavid GuettaCarl Cox, Axwell Λ Ingrosso and Steve Aoki are just a few names among the leagues of legendary performers who took to Ultra’s iconic stages at Bayfront Park. Ultra veterans Rabbit In The Moon and Josh Wink also graced the festival, having both performed at the very first Ultra Music Festival 20 years ago in 1999.

The gargantuan Ultra Main Stage once again showcased an unrivalled sound system, mesmerising pyrotechnics and a lighting rig that can only be described as out-of-this-world.

The RESISTANCE Carl Cox MEGASTRUCTURE received a huge upgrade to its already mind-blowing production this year, with one of the most outstanding lighting structures ever seen at a festival, creating a wormhole effect that stunned attendees and live stream viewers at home alike. The man himself, Carl Cox, closed both Friday and Saturday night in spectacular, trademark fashion, and hosted a massive back-to-back set from giants DubfireNicole MoudaberPaco Osuna. The MEGASTRUCTURE lineup also saw a heavy presence from artists slated to play RESISTANCE Ibiza this summer, including Adam BeyerJamie JonesJoseph CapriatiMaceo Plex, and Pan-Pot.

Complementing the MEGASTRUCTURE was a second stage for RESISTANCE with the Arcadia Spider, featuring heavyweight pyrotechnics, moving limbs propelling fire and dry ice, and piercing lasers that projected impressive displays across Bayfront Park. The weekend saw a slew of b2b performances from techno royalty including Technasia b2b HectorPatrick Topping b2b Nathan Barato, and Guti (Live) b2b wAFF. Closing out the stage on Sunday after performances from house and techno’s elite guard was the supergroup J.E.S.u.S, the b2b2b project from Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream and Seth Troxler.

The MEGASTRUCTURE was then taken over by Armin van Buuren for an historic 850th ‘A State Of Trance’ on Sunday. Surprise headliner and legendary trance group Above & Beyond joined the momentous occasion as they closed out the festival with one of the most captivating and euphoric sets of the weekend.

For the fifth year in a row Ultra Music Festival was the #1 trending topic on social platforms worldwide over the weekend, with millions of mentions across all platforms. The festival is officially and firmly down as the most tweeted about electronic music event in history.

ULTRA LIVE’s record-breaking live stream presented by UMF TV attracted over 30 million viewers from around the world, many of which tuned in for Swedish House Mafia’s Sunday night headlining set.

The Ultra Worldwide stage saw closing sets from FlosstradamusLaidback Luke, and RL Grime throughout the weekend, while the UMF Radio Stage was taken over by respected electronic labels: Revealed and Jacked as well as LA events group Brownies & Lemonade.

After extensive coordination with various local, state and federal authorities, which collectively led the effort on executing safety and security measures and precautions, the number of arrests dropped to an all-time low, continuing the trend of declining arrests for the 5th consecutive year as reported by the Miami Herald. Encompassing the entire weekend, EDMTunes reported, ‘this year’s Ultra Music Festival was labeled the safest Ultra ever’, with both arrests and medical transports significantly reduced.

Yet again, Ultra Music Festival exceeded expectations. Amongst the reunion of one of the most beloved electronic acts the world over, surprise performances from legendary artists, and unparalleled production and lighting, the festival has its sights firmly set on 2019.

Ultra Music Festival 2019 takes place on March 29, 30, 31 2019 and is an 18 + event.



unnamed (3).jpg

CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK (CMW) is back once again for it’s 36th year and presents the most anticipated event of the week, iHeartRadio Fan Fest and the Sirius XM House! May 10 & 11 is when these events will be taking place for concert goers to watch their favourite artists perform in Downtown Toronto. Some headlining artists include French Montana, DVBBS, Ria Mae and many more!

The Sirius XM House will be taking place this year at The Phoenix Concert Theatre on May 10 and 11 with headlining performances by Kiefer Sutherland and Monster Truck. Canadian Music Week always guarantees an incredible week filled with professional industry networking events, amazing showcases and performances, and a week full of fun for music fans across all genres at over 40 live venues in downtown Toronto.

Below you will find the lineup for the iHeartRadio Fan Fest and the Sirius XM House.

Nas Media will be on-site for these exciting festivities throughout the week and will be posting on our blog with each showcase/event we attend. Stay tuned for more updates and posts, and let us know who/what you would like to see during Canadian Music Week!

iHeartRadio Fan Fest:
Tyler Shaw
Elijah Woods & Jamie Fine
Shawn Hook
Ria Mae
Marianas Trench
French Montana

SiriusXM House:
Kiefer Sutherland
Crown Lands
Monster Truck
Blackie Jackett Jr
and more TBA

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Now in its 36th year, Canadian Music Week is recognized as one of the premiere entertainment events in North America focusing on the business of music. The Canadian Music Week festival spans 7 nights of performances, with hundreds of showcasing bands at more than 30 live music venues in downtown Toronto. All convention functions take place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto.



Italian Duo Gioli & Assia Release 2nd Single “Far Away Roads” Off Forthcoming Album



OUT TODAY VIA DIESIS RECORDS/BELIEVE DISTRIBUTION SERVICES Untitled.pngThe dynamic Italian duo Gioli & Assia have just released the second single “Far Away Roads” off of their forthcoming debut album, Instantanee. With only a week until the official March 30th album release date, “Far Away Roads” is another sneak peek into what the LP has in store for listeners.


Following the well-received release of “Borderline”, the explosive lead single off their debut album, Gioli & Assia are back with an intriguing electronica record, “Far Away Roads”. The track sees the girls experiment with a fusion of soothing classical melodies and a tropical inspired twist. Assia’s powerful vocals and a smooth, rhythmic drum sequence tie the piece together. It is their most emotionally enthralling track yet.

Natural musicians since birth, Gioli & Assia have been turning heads worldwide by incorporating the popular Caribbean instrument, the handpan, into their tracks. The fusion of Caribbean beats and progressive electro instrumentals makes for a remarkably refreshing and unique listening experience. ‘Instantanee’ sees the Italian duo tell their musical journey through their forward-thinking production style. It will be coming out via their own label, Diesis Records.

2018 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the duo. In addition to releasing their debut album, Gioli & Assia will be traveling around the world to perform a string of live shows and at a series of music festivals.

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DAZE – Sony France Signed Artist Releases Milestone ‘Elevations’ EP




After snagging a top spot in the charts with his first 2018 release, funk-fueled “Oh” Feat. Fanny, DAZE is back with his first 4-track EP of the year, Elevations.


Rising talented producer DAZE is determined to make French electro cool again through his captivating mysterious persona and his undeniably groovy ‘French touch’. Earlier this year he released the joyful record, “Oh” Feat. Fanny, which raided Spotify France’s Top 30 Viral Chart, Deezer’s Fresh Dance chart, and charts in Switzerland, Turkey, and Germany. The masked producer was simply giving listeners a taste of what he has been brewing for 2018.

Elevations will be DAZE’s first EP release since dropping his debut album, Variations, in 2016. The LP certified him as one-to-watch after remaining on the Top 10 iTunes France electro chart for 3 weeks. The track “You & I” caught the eye of beauty mega-brand Garnier and became a staple in their advertisements.


The lead track off the EP, “So Glad” ft. Cool Company, sets the tone for Elevations. An infectious, funky tune with major “feel good anthem” potential featuring vocals by Cool Company. The track is an effortless blend of R&B, funk, electro, pop, and soul that is complemented by the Brooklyn based duo’s airy vocals. In anticipation on the single and full EP release, DAZE created a beautifully designed animated lyric video. 


 The final two unreleased instrumental tracks ‘Colorz’ and ‘Hey You’ maintain the funk and synth-pop elements while carrying forth smooth, house grooves. The EP as a full EP is both well-curated and composed, raising the bar for both DAZE and French dance music as a whole.

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