Electric Island 6th Season [Heard It From Nas: Review]

May 20, 2018, Electric Island – The day has finally come, the sixth season of Electric Island has arrived! The energy was high even before reaching Toronto Island. On the ferry ride over to the island, all of the guests on their way to Hanlan’s Point were raving about their favourite DJ’s and who was going to be at what stage. Earlier in the week the weather had been calling for rain but it turned out to be the perfect day for lounging in the grass and dancing at the stage.

As concertgoers started filling up the festival grounds, both stages were full of fans ready to party and get their groove on. A lot of guests were wearing festive outfits and were loving the summer festival vibe. There were also games to be played that groups of friends were participating in while enjoying the warm weather. As well as delicious food truck and alcohol vendors on site ready to serve!


The Island had the pleasure of having Black Coffee, DJ Tennis, YOKOO, Ellen Allien, Nymra & Sofisticated and Koki at the main stage!

All the way from Miami, DJ Tennis had the crowd dancing to his electronica and techno beats, where just like the 305, he brought the heat!



Next up on the main stage is YokoO, coming all the way from Berlin to Toronto Island. YokoO embraced the main stage sparking it up with forward thinking music every time. When you see him play, you can see that he has a genuine love and passion for what he is doing and that naturally feeds back to his audience, fuelling energy and the love of good music on the dance floor.


Moving over to the second stage, the Moog stage, we have Chris Larsen and Demuir who opened up the Moog stage, their electronica and techno beats had the crowd captivated and chanting for more. Nathan Barato and Carlo Lio closed out the Moog stage and left the crowd grooving to the dance and electronic tunes that were flowing throughout the warm summer air. The crowd began getting more and more full as concertgoers navigated towards the main stage from the sounds and rhythms of the tracks that these DJ’s laid out.


As the sun began to set the stages were lighting up with a beautiful geometric design. The island was jam packed with excited ravers dancing, laughing and going crazy for every beat drop.


As soon as you entered the MOOG stage, you were swallowed up by the crowd and the only way to get out was by dancing your way through. The energy of the music and people spoke for itself. Whether it’s the first season or the sixth, Electric Island never fails to put on a great festival that keeps fans coming back again and again throughout every season.



Whether you’re dancing in the crowd or laying out on the hills, there is this sense of community within the music scene that brings us all in together. As the night came to a close with Black Coffee, the stage lighting set the ambience throughout the island with the matching house and electronica tunes that kept everyone on their feet. The night was truly nothing short of electric.


 Photo by Ded Agency

The May season was an epic success and a great kickstart for more to come! Next up we have July 1st for Canada Day weekend! Stay tuned for more details & ticket information. See you on the Island!


Photo by Ded Agency


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