Canada’s Queen of Punk: Bif Naked [Heard It From Nas Interview]

We had the chance to chat with Canada’s Queen of Punk, Bif Naked! This talented Canadian artist has recently released her new single “Hot Box Girls” Read on below to learn more about her multitude of careers, music, and what she’s up to for this year!

Bif - Promo 5 color.jpg

We know you just released your new single “Hot Box Girls” Can you tell us a little more about this song and your creative process behind it?

The song HOT BOX GIRLS is a celebration of my group of friends, and a riotous, carefree and terribly naughty evening out. It celebrates all the things we like and enjoy, like Burlesque, Hot Rods, Motorbikes, Pin-Up Girl Culture, and feeling empowered and happy. Dave Martone sent me the music, and I wrote the lyrics and vocals, and we recorded it in the studio about a week later. It was such fun!

What do you need to have around you and/or a location that you need to  be in for you to start your songwriting process?

All I really need to write a song, usually, is a riff or small melody from my co-writer, and I fill in the blanks with my words and singing. I play terrible guitar and generally always write with a guitar player. Always have. I love this process.

Out of the time you spend in Paris, New Delhi, and Toronto, which is your favourite place to spend your time?

I dream of returning to India all the time, but Paris was my favourite place to live until this year when I moved to Toronto. I am in love with Toronto and all the different neighbourhoods! I have a huge crush on this city.

If you had to choose one career/passion… Would you be an author, a musician, or an actor?

This is such a hard question! I love writing and can’t help myself….but being a performer is all I have ever known. Acting is great as long as I get to play a villain or a cop, to use all the weapons training and fight training I have. Haha!

What is one thing that your fans don’t know about you?

My fans may not know that I am the Most Annoying Boring Eater in the world and eat the very same foods every single day: bananas, apples, zucchinis, cucumber, tomato, carrot, spinach or lettuces, and THAT’S IT.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring young musician?

I would tell anyone and everyone to NEVER GIVE UP because I never do…we just have to keep going and keep creating our art, and keep trying.

How has your music evolved since you first started singing and songwriting?

Oh, my goodness…I have changed SO MUCH. Just being a performer and vocalist for almost 30 years has physically changed me…My voice was so high when I was seventeen! Haha I laugh when I listen to it, and certainly hope I am a better singer now. I hope I am better at songwriting and that I have improved, and that I keep improving every year. I love being a singer and hope I can keep being one forever.

Who is your biggest music inspiration? Who do you have a lot of respect for?

The list of heroes I have is endless. Mostly I was always so taken by all the punk singers I grew up idolizing like Chi Pig from SNFU and Joe Shithead from DOA and even HR from Bad Brains. But the girly girl in me had a real infatuation with Madonna when I was a little kid and she remains an icon.

A close second to her is Lady Gaga and I think, artistically, she does it all with her choreography and always such a fashion-forward artist (except the meat dress I was sad about that) I love all my rocker mentors like Gail Greenwood and Tanya Donnelley and Brody Dalle and Courtney Love and Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde and Christina Scabbia and PJ Harvey Grace Slick and even Tina Turner. These are the women I look up to and am amazed by because they tour/toured as hardcore as I do and the show was always 100%.

What are your future plans for 2018? Do you plan on going on tour?

I am looking forward to touring with my rock band across the world, but this fall we are concentrating on Canada. I hope we can play in every single city and town possible! I LOVE TOURING. It’s just the little performer in me, that can never stop.

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