Interview with DJ Ortzy [Heard It From Nas]

We had the chance to chat with Colombian/Spanish House DJ Ortzy and learn more about his music career and his producing styles! Read on below to hear more about this Netherland-based DJ and what he’s up to this year.


What made you decide to become a solo artist, after leaving the HIIO duo?

After many years with the duo, I felt I needed a change in many aspects of my life, like my music direction, the city where I was living, and the business environment that I had for many years. That’s why I moved to the Netherlands, I started making more commercial music and started creating a bigger network than what I had all my life.

We love your new single ‘Stand Up’! Can you tell us your creative process behind this track?

The twins (Bec & Sebastian) had a vocal idea and they sent it to Ben, who loved it, and he thought it could be really good to have a Future Bass and more commercial approach for that song so he came to me. I loved it and then we started the creative process of the production going back and forth until it was perfect!

How is it like working with Ben Ambergen and Bec & Sebastian?

We had a great team! All of them are really cool and very open to discuss or change anything that would be better for the song. That’s really important when you are making music!

We know you have performed at many big name festivals such as Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Creamfields, and more. What has been your favourite festival to perform at?

Tomorrowland was the most important one for me because of everything that it means for artists and for the fans. But the set at Creamfields was really special because the stage was huge, the crowd went crazy, and it was our first big festival in Argentina.

Where do you find your music inspiration? Which artist inspires you the most?

Since I’m more into the commercial music, I try to listen to a lot of Pop, Hip Hop, Trap and Urban music in general. But I’m also a big fan of Latin music, so I’m always listening to music like that, too. Regarding to get inspiration I really get it from everywhere, there are not special genres of music or artists.

Tell us one thing that your fans don’t know about you.

My real name is Ortzi!!

How do you try to make yourself stand out in this saturated Electronic Dance Music industry?

That’s the same question I have in my head every morning! I don’t really know, first I try to be different, to learn something new everyday about production, music theory, social media, etc. So I can apply it for my own career. I think the more you learn, the more things you’re able to achieve and compete in a higher level.

What are your future plans for 2018?

To release a lot of music! I have many tracks waiting to be released and I’m really excited about it! I want people to listen to my new sound and fall in love with my solo project as much as they did when I was HIIO!

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