The 305 Brought The Heat To Miami Music Week [Nas Media Review: 2018]

Photos and Review Written by: Maurice Veniot

March 20-27, 2018

Tuesday, March 20 – Flying in from Toronto, we touched down in Miami and our Miami Music Week (MMW) started at The Dream Hotel for Serafin & Friends + Sir William for Tasty Tuesday (South Beach Edition). With headlining DJ’s from B!tch Be Cool, DJ B-Side, Styline, DJ Serafin and more, this party was one that you wanted to start your MMW at! Miami Day 1 30Miami Day 1 40

Tasty Tuesday kicks off in great fashion with the Miami sun shining down on you. Playing to an intimate crowd of about 80 or so, things started off in perfect fashion. Giant inflatable cocks (the bird, don’t get too excited it’s still the first day) in the pool, and bottle service being brought around to the cabanas surrounding the pool. The stage set up was one that we haven’t seen before, the DJ’s were playing their set on this isolated island surrounded by water with massive gold chains dangling from the ceiling.

Miami Day 1 35

With DJ Serafin hosting this event we knew we were lined up for a great time. We met up with one of the artists who would play during todays rooftop set, Styline, (a.k.a Oskar Eichler) and his manager Jacob Merlin, a duo who do more than just their given titles here. The duo and their team manage 1001 Tracklist, the worlds leading trackless database. Set times where cut short, shifted and moved around, at this point we had no idea who was playing next. Styline finally hopped on the decks and rocked the house as people twerked on stage and in the pool. God bless Miami.

Miami Day 1 36.jpg

Pool parties can only last so long as the sun sets. We jumped from the Dream Hotel right on over to the Black Lizard Beast rooftop pool party presented by Leondro Da Silva at The Langford. The outdoor pool party started to fill up quickly with guests in anticipation for the headliners Dean Mason, Leandro Da Silva, Malone, MarkemStyline, and many more!

Miami Day 1 7Miami Day 1 10

A lot of the guests were relaxing by the poolside while the rest of the crowd was grooving and dancing while the DJ’s were spinning their tracks. The party could easily be found due to its projections on the building across the street featuring a large black lizard with its glowing red eye. Located on the 15th floor of the hotel, this bar turns into a club by night.

Miami Day 1 31.jpgMiami Day 1 14.jpg

With the DJ’s playing outside as the sun sets, you couldn’t ask for a better way to end the first night of MMW. The host of course, Leondro De Silva closed out the night as the stars started to shine in the sky.

Miami Day 1 18.jpg

Wednesday, March 21 – Next up is the DJ Mag Poolside Sessions at the infamous Surfcomber hotel. This year’s poolside sessions had a stellar artist line up. If you were looking to see a star studded set list, DJ Mag had it in store for you. Featuring artists like, Alan Walker, Black Madonna, Claptone, Ellen Alien, Fedde Le Grand, Lost Frequencies, and the secret surprise act for the night, none other than the twins from the land down under, NERVO.


Pool 1

Located on South Beach’s Collins Ave where you’ll see the likes of… well everyone. Surfcomber Hotel had an incredible set up for this event. As you pass through security and make your way through, the first thing you see is the massive pool surrounded by a mass of people grooving and dancing away. The sun was shining in typical Miami fashion, we knew this was gonna be a great day.

As we made our way past the pool, it featured a raised area right behind the stage where VIP bottle service was situated. We continued past this and entered a giant sandlot, where people could dance and enjoy the funky beats that were laid down by Ellen Alien.

Ellen Alien 1.jpg

Moving through the night people continued to file in. The stage was graced by Ultra main stage performer Fedde Le Grand, who played as the sun set, merely 100 feet away from the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful South Beach.

Fedde Le Grand 1Fedde Le Grand 7

Planes flew over all throughout the day, as they do every day, with banners for every afterparty imaginable. To finish the night, DJ Mag had a special guest in mind… All you had to do was have a look at the two issues of DJ Mag that were plastered everywhere. There were two covers of the DJ Mag issue. One of the artists was Black Madonna, who had already played earlier in the day. It left the guests with only one more option, as they all searched for the second issue, it was revealed to them that it was two blonde Australian sisters. Now it was time for the sisters to get on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome, Nervo.

Nervo 9Nervo 17

They played an electrifying set that set the bar to a whole other level. The girls were in their typical attire of funky, crazy, edgy style featuring My Little Pony accents. The sun set to the electronic tracks by these two sisters, but the beat kept going all night long.

Nervo 24

Thursday, March 22 – The National Hotel was our venue this afternoon. Our ears had the chance to be delighted by Carabetta & Doons, KC Lights, Latmun, Camelphat, MK, Will Clarke, Solardo and a featured very special guest. They didn’t just go for anyone here, they swung for the fences by getting the one and only, Diplo, as a special guest to play during the sun set.

KC Lights 19.jpg

Arriving at The National, the first thing you see is the massive pool surrounded by the hotels balconies which led you to another pool. This hotel was known for the longest pool in all of South Beach Miami. Boy, were we lucky. This 205 foot pool eventually led to the main sand lot where people could groove to funky house and tech house until midnight. The Scotsmen and KC Lights started to fill the dance floor as people got out of the pool and really started to party. Playing more of a house set, this DJ had the crowd in the palm of his hand.


Latmun kept the crowd dancing and grooving until Diplo arrived, with Starbucks in hand to play his set. The energy kicked up a notch when he arrived, going into a full Diplo set like you’d expect.

Diplo 14Diplo 4Diplo 8

Next on the list was the host himself, MK, who blew everyone away with such an enchanting house set that only he could do.

MK 2Diplo 11

Friday, March 23 – Welcome to the World of Anjuna, where deep tracks are king. Don’t expect any drops or any major commercial song to be played here. Situated at the 1 Hotel, one of the largest venues we saw during all of MMW. The crowd was packed with fans to see artists to the likes of Alpha 9, Fatum, Genix, Grum, Jason Ross, Jaytech, Judah, Spencer Brown, Sunny Lax, and Oliver Smith. It was quite the sight to see when someone ordered bottle service here. As the bottle is carried over, the servers run with a coloured smoke grenade that is almost reminiscent of a torch bearer at the olympics.

Alpha 9 1.jpg

The vibes at this beach party were like no other, there was not a single fan in sight that didn’t have a smile on their face. The music, view, and vibes tied in together so seamlessly, which made for a perfect way to start and end a Friday night in the beautiful city of Miami.

Alpha 9 5.jpg

Saturday, March 24 – Where else to finish the last string of Miami Music Week parties in no other than The W Hotel in Downtown Miami for the Sosumi Records Pool Party. This party was situated on the 50th floor of the hotel, with a view of Biscayne Bay, only a few streets from the closing set of Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Weeks pinnacle event. Guests still relaxed in the pool as Dean Mason and Styline played to a more intimate crowd. Kryder closed out the night as the host of the party, saying goodnight to a week of non stop music.

Dean Mason B2B Styline 2Dean Mason B2B Styline 9

Sunday, March 25 – We were off to the Romi Lux + Serafin Sundance Closing Pool Party at Mondrian South Beach. The atmosphere at this hotel was more of a relaxed one as this hotel wasn’t located on the main drag of hotels that were the host to this weeks festivities. The double tiered pool flowed out and continued to an enchanting view of Star Island, one of Miami’s many millionaire islands. Featuring a mega yacht at their doorstep, it made for quite the view. Don’t get it twisted as this wasn’t billed to be a rager pool party at the hotel, it was set to be more of a chill vibe atmosphere. DJ Styline spun some deep tracks and got the crowd going to the beat.


Now off to the Spinnin’ Hotel also known as the Nautilus Hotel, which hosted the record label all week with incredible artist take overs. However, today we would be graced by EDX on the decks, spinnin’ (pun intended) a slew of classic and some new exclusive tracks for us. EDX dropped a huge new track with Croatia Squad which left the crowd going wild. With Sam Feldt as his MC, he got the crowd to another level with guests still dancing in the pool until the sun was set. If you listen to EDX, you already know that he brought the bass and the captivating tunes that left each fan in a trance.


We just couldn’t bare to call it a night after the Spinnin’ Hotel, so we jumped on over to the Subliminal Sessions Pool Party with Erick Morillo. Catch this event late at night and you could feel that you were walking into something different. With the start of the night, Erick Morillo played some deep cuts, don’t expect this DJ to play “I Like To Move It” here. Morillo had the crowd in a trance, dancing and grooving to every bass kick from the massive speakers at the Surfcomber hotel. As the night came to a close, we reflected on the crazy week that was now behind us.

Miami Music Week never fails to amaze us, with talented DJ’s from all over the world in attendance and guests flying in from all over the world, Miami is one hell of a city that truly lives up to their name of the Miami Heat. It’s always hard to say goodbye to Miami, but we know that we will always be back. Until next year, 305!





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