Veld Music Festival 2017 [NAS MEDIA REVIEW]

Friday, August 5th – The largest music festival in Toronto returns to Downsview Park for another incredible year of music at Veld Music Festival 2017. This time the festival has not only one but three stages for fans to experience all their favourite music from international DJ’s. There is the main stage, the Remy Martin Stage, and the Sony Xperia stage.


The day starts off with local Toronto DJ’s Manzone & Strong on the main stage, MC Flipside on the Remy Martin stage, and Dense & Pika on the Sony Xperia stage. Toronto weather was feeling nicer on this weekend, where it only rained for about an hour in the morning, and then it was nothing but clear skies for the rest of the day! As we were walking through the festival grounds there were several delicious food vendors that guests can fuel up from throughout the day. There were a lot of local vendors as well with vegan and gluten free options. Along with the vendors were fun air castles and sports that guests could play throughout the day.



As the festival progressed throughout the day more and more fans were filling up the park grounds with nothing but smiles and excitement on their faces. This is the event that fans have been waiting all summer for after all! Majority of the guests showed up in rave attire and costumes with fur, sparkles, and kandi bracelets, masks and bandanas.


We asked guests Meghan and Ryan who they were most excited to see,

“We’re so excited to see Gareth Emery, he is definitely one of our favourites! We’re going to make our way to the front of the stage to get the best spot.”

Gareth Emery hit the main stage at 4:35PM – 5:40PM and gave fans his best house music and electronic tracks having the crowd grooving and dancing to the Los Angeles based DJ’s songs.


Meanwhile on the Remy Martin stage, Slushii takes the stage with hundreds of fans shouting his name with signs that they made for their favourite DJ.


This is the first year where Veld had more hip hop artists on the artist line up than usual and although this is primarily an EDM festival, all of the guests were beyond excited to have a mix of both house music and hip hop/rap at the festival that they attend year after year. First on the line up of hip hop artists was renowned artist ASAP Ferg. The anticipation that the fans built to see this hip hop artists performance was unreal, fans were chanting “ASAP, ASAP” for about 10 minutes straight until the artist finally made his appearance on stage.


He delivered an extraordinary performance and ended up jumping off of the stage and stood on the barriers to engage completely with the fans. During his performance ASAP Ferg kept saying how he just wanted to party with Toronto, and how he doesn’t care about the fame, he was out there to have a great time just like everyone else!


Next up on the Remy Martin stage was the famous dubstep DJ, Borgore. He brought an energetic set that had guests head banging and chanting for more from all of the dubstep and electronic tunes that this DJ was sending out throughout the festival.


Over at the main stage, Zedd made his appearance and started off his set with his hit single “Clarity.” Zedd was considered as the EDM headliner that closed the festival, and made sure to bring all of his pyros along with him. There was fire, there was CO2 cannons, and there was fireworks! Zedd truly knows how to put on a show and how to make the crowd go wild with his big room and house music tunes that we all know and love.


Switching back to the Remy Martin stage, rap group MIGOS came on stage and gave fans a performance to remember. There were ravers wearing MIGOS t-shirts and tank tops, chanting their name throughout their performance, as well as singing along to their favourite songs by this rap trio.



As the night comes to a close, the main headliner of the night was famously known hip hop artist, Future. The anticipation for his performance was something we have never seen before. His set time was at 9:45PM, however he did not enter the stage until about 10:15PM, leaving a huge suspense for all fans. The mass crowd of over thousands of people were chanting his name until their favourite hip hop artist made his way to the main stage. The lights came on as bright as they possibly could and out came Future with a black hoodie, white denim jacket, and some gold sunglasses on. He sang songs off his new album, his singles, and featured songs with Drake and many other artists. He closed his set thanking Toronto and admired how much of a lively crowd and music scene we have.


Overall, day one of Veld Music Festival was a success and fans were already counting down the hours until they can get right back on the park grounds to do it all over again for day two.

Saturday, August 6th – The second and final day of Veld is here and guests are re-entering the festival with even more energy than the day before. Rave attire on, glam ready, and the dancing shoes are on, everyone is ready to start raving and grooving to all of their best-loved artists and DJ’s that they have been waiting to see in Toronto all year long.


First up on the line up, Mark Oliver on the main stage, MC Flipside on the Remy Martin Stage, and Giddy on the Sony Xperia stage, all of these talented DJ’s are ready to set the positive and warm vibes for all the ravers entering the festival once again. Toronto weather decided to bless us once more by delivering nothing but sun shine and full heat.

Toronto household names Frank Walker and Loud Luxury take the main stage and have guests immediately start dancing on their feet, shuffling and grooving away to the house music vibes.


Over at the Sony Xperia stage, England’s very own house/techno DJ Mark Knight takes the stage and has the entire tented area filing up quite quickly with this DJ’s epic tracks.


Just a short walk away from all of these stages were a couple amusement park rides such as a ferris wheel and a ride that takes you upside down! The line ups for these rides were full every day with festival goers wanting to get the best view of the festival grounds and enjoy the speed and fun feeling of being upside down.

_MG_8727_MG_8728There were a lot of different dessert options as well for when guests needed to fulfill a dessert craving… There was Kawartha ice cream on site as well as crepes, cheesecake, and an ice cream truck nearby all of the different vendors. Guests would enjoy a big heaping scoop of fresh ice cream while sitting on the hill watching and listening to the talented DJ’s and staying refreshed and cool from the beautiful weather that Toronto brought for us.

Right beyond the hill was DJ Ookay on the Remy Martin stage. He was playing all of the tracks that his fans know and love and had every single festival goer shuffling and rocking out in the crowd. At the end of his set he came outside of the DJ booth and said hello to all fans and thanked them for being such a great time.


On to some hip-hop! Lil Uzi Vert had to unfortunately cancel his performance due to issues with travelling, however we were lucky enough to have a quick replacement with the unforgettable French Montana! French was placed to go on stage at 6:00PM and he had a wonderful DJ warm up the crowd for about 10 minutes before his set started.

_DSC4928.jpg This female DJ was dancing and twerking for the crowd and having a great time getting the crowd riled up for Mr. Montana. With the crowds anticipation for this hip-hop artist at a high, French made his way on stage with an all Gucci outfit and a smile to match.



He played songs from some of his very first hit singles all the way to the most recent ones like his current top charted single Unforgettable. He had the crowd going wild, singing along to each and every song that he played, showing French just how much of his true fans are from Toronto.

Next up, Tchami took the main stage and delivered all of the future house vibes that had the crowd mesmerized from the start of his set all the way to the finish.


Over on the Remy Martin stage, the humorous and talented DJ Getter took the stage with his many featured styles of music such as dubstep, trap music, drum n bass, and electro house. He pretty much delivered all types of vibes throughout his set and even showcased a remix of one Blink 182’s new songs off their album ‘California.’ His energetic set left festival goers with their energy spiked up to level 100 and ready for the world renowned dutch DJ, Tiesto over at the main stage.


This is the first year that Tiesto has ever visited Veld Music Festival and this was a very exciting moment for all Torontians and ravers from all over the world that visit this festival year after year. As the sun went down, ravers excitement continued to increase with the entrance of the extraordinarily talented DJ. Tiesto delivered an unreal set, playing his famous older songs as well as many new tracks that he has been working on, along with featured tracks with other internationally recognized DJ’s such as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and many others. He closed his set with a lot of fire, CO2 cannons and the roar of the crowd, not believing that they have finally seen this famous DJ in their city.


Over at the Remy Martin stage, some craziness was going on when Tory Lanez entered the stage. This was by far the most incredible performance we saw all weekend. The Toronto legend Tory Lanez loved the crowds energy so much that he wanted to show Torontonians just how much he appreciated and loved them. He shouted on the mic that he wanted to crowd surf from the very front of the stage all the way to the back! Guests weren’t sure if he was being serious or not, but low and behold Lanez jumped into the crowd and began crowd surfing while singing to his songs until he reached the far back of the crowd where the sound booth is. _DSC5416He ended up climbing all the way up the sound booth tent and ended his set singing on the roof of the tent to a crowd that we’ve never seen so excited before. Tory Lanez definitely left an impression on Torontonians and had every one posting of his outrageous performance on all of their social media channels, bragging to their friends of how incredible of a time they are having at this popular festival of the summer.


Time for the final act of the night, the one that everyone has been looking forward to, Major Lazer! This is also Major Lazers first time at Veld Music Festival so they were super excited to show Toronto just how energetic their sets are. And boy, they did not disappoint. Diplo (1/3 of the trio) was throwing out t-shirts, whistles, and memorabilia to the crowd throughout the beginning of their performance.

_DSC5542_DSC5465_DSC5457They also brought out all of the Major Lazer dancers that entertained the crowd with their amazing dance moves and portable CO2 cannons that they launched from their waist side, creating smoke from all over the stage. _MG_0962_MG_0969Diplo decided to bring his see-through inflatable sphere where he can enter inside of this clear ball and crowd surf and run all over the crowd with it. It was an absolutely crazy time with fans energy surpassing level 100.


They had fire works, they had fire that never quit, and CO2 cannons that could last as long as the night. Major Lazer is a trio that does not disappoint, from the dance hall tunes to the EDM tracks that they played, there was not a single person that was not up and dancing on their feet with a smile from ear to ear. This group was definitely a perfect choice to close out this incredible festival.


With fireworks in the sky, day two has come to a close. It is easy to say that Veld Music Festival has exceeded and surpassed all expectations for 2017 and in our opinion, this has by far been the best Veld Festival to date. We are already looking forward to next year and who the Ink team will decide to bring on for the artist line up. (We’re hoping a few of these artists make their way back again next year!)


Thank you Veld! For our full photo album, click here.


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