Electric Island Civic Holiday Edition [NAS MEDIA REVIEW]

Monday, August 7th – Electric Island returns once again for its Civic Holiday edition but this time at the Portlands, which was also a great location for this event that happens a few times throughout the summer in our city. This third summer edition brought an amazing line up of talented DJ’s with two stages for guests to watch them on. Hitting up the main stage was Irish DJ Mano Le Tough, Dâm-Funk, KiNK, Jonathan Rosa, and Nina Kraviz. These DJ’s brought incredible tunes to all of the excited fans who were ready to dance it out again at their favourite Toronto summer event.

Jonathan Rosa, a Toronto local DJ took the main stage to warm up the crowd, and brought the good vibes and great tunes to get fans in the right mood to enjoy the start of their Monday. As guests were entering, there were several food vendors that had guests nourished throughout the day eating delicious local food to fuel up for all the dancing they were going to do throughout the day and evening. At the second stage, Toronto house-hold names such as Greg Gow, Addy and Jeremy Stott were also in attendance to open the stages and bring the warm vibes to the start of the festival.


KiNK made his appearance on the main stage and brought the house and techno tunes, the way he delivered left a memorable performance for all the electric islanders.

Modern funk DJ Dâm-Funk began his set right after Mano Le Tough, and began bringing over the smooth modern funk music to the crowd and, boy did he deliver. He put the crowd in a great mood and had everyone feeling cheerful and overjoyed.


Photos by Ramzi Khalil for Nas Media.

Nature Of Music played an hour and a half set towards the evening of the event, until about 5:30PM on the second stage with a packed crowd full of guests happily dancing and enjoying the sounds of this local Toronto duo.

Later on as the sun began to set, Nina Kraviz took the stage and left fans speechless with her techno beats. The crowd was going crazy from the mesmerizing tunes she was hitting the crowd with. Needless to say everyone was on their feet dancing and grooving!


The second stage had Swiss-DJ producer Deetron, that brought the warm techno beats with the touch of Detroit in his music. Fans were ecstatic all day as they were grooving with their friends and enjoying the holiday and their day off, listening to their favourite music and seeing these talented DJ’s. A few guests were lining up to get glitter on them by a makeup vendor that was on site. Each guest left the vendor feeling beautified and radiating with positive vibes, ready to dance it out to the great techno music.

Needless to say, this was yet another successful edition to Electric Island, festival-goers were beyond thrilled that they got to spend their Civic Holiday with all of their friends enjoying the great techno music and talent that continues to take place in our beautiful city of Toronto. We’re already looking forward to the next Electric Island!


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