Hitting a Home Run with WayHome 2017 [NAS MEDIA REVIEW]

Friday, July 28th – It’s festival season and one of the biggest overnighters; WayHome has come and gone but not forgotten. The weather was perfect with sun in the sky & clouds for shade from time to time.

Starting WayHome off on the Waybright stage were some cool rocking vibes by Gabrielle Shonk followed by Grace Mitchell. From 3pm to 4pm you could check out the rock duo Haerts or the soulful hip hop R&B vibes brought by Noname.


At WayHome stage (main stage) you could catch your old favourite high school band, the alt-rock group Dashboard Confessional playing those crowd pleasing throwbacks such as “Vindicated” & “Belle of the Boulevard”. After Dashboard Confessionals the Constantines brought some cool tunes you immediately want on your play list such as “Young Lions” & “Our Age.”


Also on the main stage, popular New York duo Phantogram came out in a cloud of smoke playing bangers such as “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” and “Running From the Cops.” Taking us back to some high school nostalgia again, Foster the People take over the Waybright stage. Lead vocalist Mark Foster came out looking like Danny Zuko from Grease with a tight black leather jacket and slick back hair. Playing those sweet Foster the People songs like “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Houdini.” Definitely getting the crowd excited and energetic for the rest of the evening.


The next act, our personal favourite of the weekend, Cage the Elephant dominated the WayHome stage with their first live performance of their new release Unpeeled. A performance the audience will not forget anytime soon. One of the founding brothers Brad Shultz, walked off the stage, straight into the audience and started the show from the moshing crowd. Lead singer, Matt Shultz stormed the stage with energy and charisma that reminded you of the likes of Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Matt moved, shaked, and sang all around the stage, teasing the audience he was going to crowd surf from the speaker towering over them, which he inevitably did at the climax of the performance. The band played hits such as “Whole Wide World”, “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked”, “Trouble”, “In One Ear”, “Spiderhead” and the list goes on. This show left you wide-awake wanting more!


From the lively performance that CTE gave us, the Shins brought in a sobering calmness to the festival with their acoustic harmonies. After the Shins, the Day 1 headliner Flume lit up the WayHome stage with a cool set design of 3D LED cubes that would light and synchronize to the bass kicks. The lights and loud music would take over your senses of sight and hearing while losing control of your body. Flume kept the dancing nonstop with their hundred million view hits such as “Say It”, “Never Be Like You” and “Drop Game.”


To keep the dancing going Justice brought out “D.A.N.C.E.” and the crowd went wild! They had a very smoky stage with cool lighting. To end day one off, the crazy Danny Brown brought his A game to the WayAway stage with his non stop flow. Rapping songs such as “Grown Up”, “Lost”, “Ain’t It Funny” and “Kool-Aid.”


With day 1 coming to a close with tons of amazing performances and music it left you with enough energy to last the whole weekend!

Saturday, July 29 – With day two starting, the weather was a cloudless sunny day bringing joy to all the WayHome fans. The grounds opened to festival goers at 1PM and music started at 2PM, giving everyone ample time for nourishment from all the different food vendors for the full day of music ahead.

With a quick walk to the Waybright stage you could catch the sultry sounds of Charlotte Cardin with songs such as “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” &”Dirty Dirty”. Right after Cardin you could catch the high energy & good vibes that Flakes was sending out! With his unique producing style, he used an electric drum set to create each rhythm making it great to watch! He also brought out a friend Cheryl to help on some hits such as “Onward”.  Nas Media was fortunate to talk to Flakes after his performance and the interview can be seen here.


Darcy’s takes the Waybright stage after a WayHome wedding! The couple decided that this beautiful day would be the day they wed and their first taste of live music, as a wedded couple, was the Darcy’s! This gave the band and crowd an extra bump of enjoyment & participation with a performance full of love and passion. The Darcy’s definitely delivered a special day for everyone!


The British rock group Blossoms rocked out over at the WayAway stage playing some very cool old school British rock sounding songs such as “Charlemagne”, “Honey Sweet” & “Getaway.” After Blossoms, the free spirited Magic Giant perform taking the stage looking like a hippie troupe from Woodstock. The band was amazing moving from left to right of the stage and climbing into the audience while performing from the heart of the crowd. The band ended their set from the heart of the crowd, leaving the guests chanting for an encore from this incredible band.


On the WayHome stage the heavy hitting hard rock duo Death From Above 1979 rocked out with some gnarly bass solos and some of the best drumming of the festival! The band definitely gained a few more fans after their performance “Trainwreck 1979” being the crowd favourite.


After DFA79, we enjoy a few hours of hip-hop, starting with rap group THEY! The duo stormed the stage jumping onto the speakers, an arms length from the roaring crowd and performed their entire set from there! This made everyone go even crazier when “U-Rite” came on. At the WayHome stage the hugely popular rapper Schoolboy Q came out with his song “Gangsta” getting the crowd turnt and ready to party! He delivered hit after hit making the crowd go their craziest yet this weekend. Especially once he started “That Part” and covered Kendrick Lamars “Humble”, making it a show that you will be telling your friends about.


Canadian hiphop artist Jazz Cartier followed Q and did not disappoint. Cartier came out as a ball of energy jumping up and down and showering the crowd with water from water bottles on stage. He kept the crowd hyped through the whole set with bangers like “Dead or Alive” and at the end of Cartier’s set he ran through the crowd to a poutine truck and then crowd surfed from the top, leaving everyone ready to exploded with excitement and joy.


After those happily intense hours of hiphop, Vance Joy and Solange brought a cool calm sound over the festival. With Vance Joy on the WayHome stage and Solange on Waybright stage, you’d find enchanting sounds everywhere you go. Vance playing his soothing hits like “Riptide”, “Georgia” & “Mess is Mine” and Solange playing “Cranes in the Sky”, “Don’t Touch My Hair” & “Mad”.


PUP is up next on the WayAway stage bringing back the hype with some great punk rock, getting the crowd to mosh and sing along to almost all of their songs. The top two favourites possibly being “Reservoir” & “DVP” with lead singer Stefan Babcock finishing the performance from high up on the stage scaffolding.


The next performance is what a lot of WayHomies were waiting for… Imagine Dragons!! They started the set with their new hit single “Thunder.” After that they paused for a humbling moment to address recent tragic happenings at the Ariana Grande concert and other events. Reminding us how lucky we are to experience these nights and events in Canada. Followed by lead singer Dan Reynolds speech they started “Believer” and jumped into the front row of the crowd and did the song from there.  From that point on, the band did not stop giving 100% to their fans playing, “Sucker for Pain” and “Demons”. Performing like it was the last rock show ever!  It was a memorable once in a lifetime experience.


Following up Imagine Dragons; Mura Masa on the WayAway stage brought some great dancing tracks to get you ready for Marshmello, who brought to town an unbelievable light show and tons of great mashups! Also ending the day off, Russ brought out some awesome hip hop tunes to get you moving. Especially to his song, “What They Want.” Russ even did a song acapella from the heart of the crowd. With day two coming to an end the excitement for Day Three was keeping everyone up.


With Day Three starting, the sadness of Wayhome coming to an end begins to kick in, but the lineup for the day is too good to keep you down!

Sunday, July 30th – The music started off with Clairmont the Second on the WayBright stage, kick starting everyone’s day with some new hiphop tracks like “No Favors”. After Clairmont, the breezy sounds of Skott on the WayHome stage enchanted us with her songs like “Porcelain”, “Wolf” & “Mermaid”. The Drums were up next playing some great Indie Pop for the masses who heard favourites like “Lets Go Surfing”, “How It Ended” & “Money”.


Next, the up and coming yet already hugely popular Rag’N’Bone Man starting his set off with “Skin”. Bringing tears to some of the audience with such a peaceful melody.  He then kept the joy coming with “Grace” and especially when he sang his hit single, “Human”.


The mesmerizing sounds of bands Mitski and Hundred Waters could be found playing next. Both bands and their lead female vocalists created an euphoric experience. To top off theses great female leads, Banks came out wearing a black veil that was held by two pure red female dancers creating an Eye’s Wide Shut aesthetic. You could imagine being in some sort of a psychedelic movie.


The iconic Charles Bradley was up next on the Waybright stage coming out with an aura that drew the entire festival to his stage. Playing unbelievable covers such as “Changes” which was originally performed by Black Sabbath. It was almost like he put you in a time machine with his performance, outfit, moves and vocals. Some of my favourites he played were “Stay Away” & “Heart of Gold”. Then at the end of the set Bradley tossed roses into the audience.


Porter Robinson followed up Bradley by bringing some awesome dance tracks to get you moving and pumped up for Car Seat Headrest and Tegan & Sara. CSHR played a great folk rock set and he even wrote a song minutes before the set about Oro-Medonte (where WayHome is held) which was amazing! Later on, Tegan & Sara played a great set with so many hits with some being “North Shore”, “Closer” & “Where Does The Good Go.”

20543666_1566740616691042_1552338477969040409_o20507865_1566737496691354_4347114568922341796_o20543898_1566740800024357_7780607817247378531_o After that, Frank Ocean was up to end the weekend off. Needless to say, he closed out WayHome with everything the fans were looking for.

Overall, WayHome does it again with an incredible weekend filled with so many fun memories and spectacular performances by artists worldwide. We are already counting down the days until WayHome next summer!


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