Dan Talevski To Debut New Summer single ‘Birthday Suit’ this Friday June 16!





Toronto, ON – June 14, 2017 – Toronto pop singer-songwriter, Dan Talevski, will release his new single, Birthday Suit, on Friday, June 16, which is the first from his forthcoming EP, to be released in Fall 2017 via Entertainment One Music. Entertainment Weekly recently highlighted the song on their Must List, calling it a “sexy summer club jam” to add to your playlist. You can stream and purchase Birthday Suit here.

Following the success of his previous singles, Rocket, Knock Me Off My Feet and 2015’s Guilty As Sin,  and an extensive Fall 2016 tour with Nick Carter, Talevski continues to build on his success as a rising pop star.

“I really wanted to push the boundaries for this track and just show my fans who I really am with no guard up,” Talevski says. “Birthday Suit was written in about half an hour. It came really quickly.  It was written from a personal experience I recently had.”

At the age of 29, Talevski has already accomplished more than some artists twice his age. Millions of people have seen him sing on YouTube. Heʼs been signed to a major record label. Groomed for stardom alongside Justin Bieber. Toured with Backstreet Boys. Worked in the studio with will.i.am. Written songs for Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandes, Keshia Chante and others. Since his debut single, Guilty As Sin, he is poised to take his rightful place as Canadaʼs next musical sensation. And it all began with a click.

“It was in 2007,” Talevski recalls. “I was just searching YouTube for Justin Timberlake’s video for What Goes Around Comes Around. I saw a couple of other people posting covers of the song — and had millions of views. It was like a lightbulb went on over my head. I posted a 47-second clip of myself singing the chorus, and when I woke up the next day I had about 500 views. That number went from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands very quickly. Then I started getting fans emailing asking me to sing this song or that song. I started doing that and millions of views were pouring in weekly. It was awesome.”

Soon, it got even more surreal. A year to the day of his first posting as danjt87 — and after YouTube posted his first video of an original song on its main page — Talevski was whisked to Hollywood, where he became the first male artist signed to a major-label record deal via the Internet. Overnight, he was thrown into the star-maker machinery. “It was like going to college for an artist,” Talevski recalls. “It was grueling, but it was an amazing experience. I was doing vocal training beside Justin Bieber in Atlanta. Then I moved to L.A., where I was dancing eight hours a day, working with a trainer and singing all night in the studio. Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas produced and rapped on a single for me. I worked with Timbaland. I just soaked it all up like a sponge.”

Even so, Talevski wasn’t satisfied. The commercial pop he recorded wasn’t his style; the melodies weren’t his own; the words weren’t his thoughts. He felt no connection to his music, had no control over his career. So he took control. He came back to Toronto and began finding his sound. Honing his craft. Putting everything he’d learned into practice.

He wrote songs and recorded with a whoʼs who of Canadian acts. He crossed the country opening for Backstreet Boys. He found the right songwriters and producers — identical twins RyanDan (formerly of B44, and more recently, Shania Twainʼs Vegas show) and Alex “Pilzbury” Vujic. The first fruit of their labours was the R&B-influenced Guilty As Sin. As its title tells you, this isnʼt your little sisterʼs pop music — though it might appeal to her big sister.

“Iʼve always had a slightly darker undertone,” Talevski explains. “People look at me and they expect to hear some corny little love song, but I like to take it a little more mature and sexual. Iʼve been through a few things, so I took it to the next level.”

In 2015, MUCH began a new segment of showcasing online talent from established and emerging video loggers that would be featured on their website. Talevski went on to be one of the first digital creators for MUCH hosting a segment of weekly video logs and behind the scenes footage of his music.

In 2016, Dan received a Pop Artist of the Year nomination at the 16th Annual Indie Awards and Best New Solo Artist: CHR nomination at the Canadian Radio Music Awards during Canadian Music Week. Talevski was also nominated for an iHeartRadio MMVA for Best New Canadian Artist for Knock Me Off My Feet.

“Iʼm so grateful that Iʼm doing it now and not when I was 21,” he says. “If I had put music out then, I wouldnʼt be able to listen to it or watch it. Iʼd be embarrassed. Iʼm glad that I ended up having to wait; it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I want people to respect my writing and vocal ability first and foremost. I want to perform for people and connect with them on all different levels. Iʼm really hoping my songs can take off.”

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