Bade Records returns with ‘USER EP’ from BinaryFunction

Bade Records returns this June with ‘USER EP’ from UK-based BinaryFunction.

BADE011 Artwork (1).jpg

Veteran producer BinaryFunction has been honing his craft since the mid-90s. He has delivered an expertly produced three-track EP consisting of exquisite acid techno that draws upon his 90s influences.

He kicks off the release with ‘ACKF1N’, a breakbeat acid banger sure to send any dance floor alight. C0ntr0l follows, a deep hypnotic track with harsh industrial tones and fidgety percussion, perfect for bringing out those ‘eyes closed’ moments of the night. ‘C0NF1GERR0R’ is a raw acid jam with high resonance stabs and free moving bells, skilfully executed to create a tense track to round off the EP.

BinaryFunction’s ‘USER’ EP will be out on 5th June 2017.



2. C0ntr0l


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