Electric Vibes at Electric Island [NAS MEDIA]

Monday, May 22 – A Victoria Day weekend to never forget! Electric Island returns once again this year with its Victoria Day weekend edition. Electric Island is known for its isolated Hanlan’s Point Island location, however with the heavy rain storms Toronto has been having recently, the festival had to choose a different location for fans to enjoy the festival. Woodbine Park was the destination where all the electric vibes took place this time around.


We sent out our photographer Harrison to capture some electric moments of the festival. As soon as the gates opened, guests were entering the festival grounds with none stop smiles and dancing.

Quickly Woodbine Park became packed, full of guests and characters from every background. There were plenty of things to do at the festival. Lots of food trucks with a wide variety of food, ranging between wood stove cooked pizzas to fish tacos. They had ping-pong, beanbag toss, a very comfortable phone charging station and much much more.  But the main reason people came out was the dancing and to see their favourite artists!


There were professional dancers that came out on stage and entertained guests with their artistic dance moves and beautifully designed costumes. This aspect definitely added to the aesthetic and theme of the festival. It was nothing short of electric.


Everyone was in a gracious mood with positive vibes being spread all around the festival. The field in front of the main stage was constantly packed full of ravers and party people. Some of the festival goers danced the entire day! Non stop moving! Our hats off to them.


The energy was great, the aesthetic was incredible and all around it was a wonderful event full of good times. We would recommend Electric Island to any festival goer. Hats off to the promoters, managers, PR and DJ’s. Thank you for the great music and artistic event to be a part of.


For our full album set from Electric Island, click here.

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