Matthew Logan Vasquez hits Toronto during North American tour. [NAS MEDIA]


Monday, May 1st, 2017 – What a perfect way to end the Monday blues by watching Matthew Logan Vasquez live at The Drake Hotel. Michael is currently on his North American Tour and graced Toronto this week with a great rock n roll performance.

The opening band, F. Scott & The Nighthawks are an ALT country band playing influences from both rock and country songs. The band had a lot of energy with several different solos by the lead guitarist and bass.  F. Scott & The Nighthawks are a large band with many different instruments coming together making an enjoyable country sound.

After a 15 minute set break Matthew Logan Vasquez and his band took stage starting the show off with some of his heavy hitting rock songs. Each member of this three piece band brought unique performances. The bassist was wearing a Canadian tuxedo and having a blast! Matthew had on a custom jacket that matched his calm cool performance style and the drummer didn’t hold back offering hit after hit.  When they performed one of their most popular songs, Red Fish, the whole crowd was singing along.

Both bands created a small hometown country bar atmosphere at The Drake and a break from the hectic city.

Check out a few of the photos taken by our photographer Harrison Haines below.


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