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We had the chance to chat with Alex Pulec of Toronto based pop rockers The Nursery after their performance at the Indie88 Music Awards during Canadian Music Week. They discussed the release of their debut album Life After Wartime, their win at the Jim Beam Make History Talent Search, and what’s next for the band. Read on to learn more about the band and what they will be up to. Be sure to watch the latest video for their single “Everybody’s Famous.” You can find the link here.

How does it feel to be the winners of the Jim Beam ‘Make History Talent Search”? 

Blessed and privileged. The best part was that we got to discover the scary amount of brilliant Canadian artists, especially in Toronto, brewing under the surface of this city’s mainstream(ish) music scene. Better watch out world – In the next 4 years, Toronto’s independent music is going to be unstoppable!

At which point did the reality set in that you would be able to do music for a living? 

Really hard question. There are so many moments in a band’s career where you think “this is it!”. Truth is, things never pan out exactly how you expect them to. Especially when you’re going through the motions for the first time and your getting excited about every opportunity. Once we were put in front of a couple of large audiences who had no idea who were and ended up winning them over. I feel as long as we can have a honest and genuine relationship with any audience and play our music well they SHOULD be able to at least understand what we’re about. They don’t NEED to like us. Artists who make a good living performing and writing music aren’t loved by every single person out there. Seems obvious…but learning that first hand was very freeing and helped me realize that as long as we stuck to our guns and never gave up, it could happen.

Who are your musical influences? 

Anyone who works hard at forging their own paths rather than falling into the tired avenues set up by bottom feeder types in the industry. I don’t like how emerging artists get treated generally by certain industry establishments. It’s really easy to manipulate the emotions of young hopes and dreams into doing things that aren’t in their best interests. Now with the internet, new artists are getting smarter and more savvy when it comes to how to run their band or show. I’m inspired by the ones who do it their own way. You know, where it’s usually a slow start, and you get a lot of folks who may look at you strange, but nothing feels better than proving them wrong and inspiring others with your story.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing? 

In general the music is taking more and more risks as time goes on. Getting a little weirder, more freaky and a little darker. Ultimately, it’s become unequivocally more “Nursery”. We’re getting harder to put in a box while becoming more of ourselves. It’s a result of becoming more confident as writers and performers. Letting go of the shackles of fear and insecurity is so exciting when your creating. Way easier said than done. When becoming yourself, the identity flourishes. 


What are your future plans for The Nursery?

Releasing our debut full length record! It’s going to be called Life After Wartime. It’s about beginning a new life. A changing of the guard. It’s about looking forward, not backward. instead of running away, embrace it. 

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