JFDR and The Floating Points Bring an Electric Show to The Danforth Music Hall

Tuesday, April 11 – JFDR and The Floating Points made their stop in our city of Toronto during the U.S. tour to give their fans an incredible performance at The Danforth Music Hall.
We sent our photographer Harrison Haines to cover this show and he came back with nothing but great things to say about the show and how unique the performances were.
“The show went great! JFDR and Floating Points both had awesome performances. JFDR was a solo artist playing the guitar, singing the vocals and also using a mixer to add more sounds to her show. She had a very unique and serene like sound.  A great show to go to and just relax and listen.
Floating Points were a four piece band (a guitar, bass, drummer and pianist/mixer).  They were definitely a louder band than JFDR with the drummer having crazy solos throughout. They also had a wild light show in the middle of the stage throughout the whole show.  A small box was shooting lines and lasers onto a circle  at the back of the stage.  Every spot on the circle that was touched by the lasers would stay lit up until the end of the song at which point a sacred geometry piece would be recognizable on the circle. It was very cool to see!  It was almost like a hologram.
The venue was awesome it filled up instantly. It was a large hall with very tall ceilings made for the perfect acoustics for the unique sounds the mixer from Floating Points would constantly send through the speakers.”
If you’re looking to see a psychedelic and unique show, then JFDR and The Floating Points is one for the books!

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