On the Beat with the CDJ Show & Conference 2017


Friday, March 11 – The CDJ Show & Conference began on a high note with back-to-back seminars taking place with high industry level representatives educating aspiring artists and producers on how to make it to the top. The first seminar of the day that we attended was from director/co-founder of Toolroom Academy, Stuart Knight. His seminar educated guests and artists on how to get from a demo to a record deal.

This seminar brought invaluable information to many of the aspiring artists and DJ’s at the conference. Many guests left the seminar feeling inspired and ready to take on the next challenge as an artist and/or producer.

The next seminar was held by founder of Slideways records, Tim Penner. His seminar taught guests and aspiring artists on how to get their music in the right hands and strategies to get their music heard. The way that Penner lead this seminar was very motivational and was lead with a lot of passion towards the challenges and end goal rewards in the music industry.

There were many other seminars that took place throughout the day for mobile and corporate DJ’s and live performance DJ’s. Majority of these seminars were held by sponsors Pioneer, CDJ, and DMC Canada.

The ending of Day One (Friday) was done with networking at the Tundra Lobby Bar inside the Hilton Toronto where guests and label representatives were able to grab a drink and connect with guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

Saturday, March 12 – Day Two of the CDJ Show & Conference was when the entertainment really started. Several booths were lined up against the hallways with brand new industry standard DJ-ing equipment and sound decks. Many guests were able to try out the sound systems and create beats right on the spot. The most anticipated event of the weekend happened on day two, the Get Signed interviews where record label representatives sat down with the guests and aspiring artists/DJ’s of the conference where they were given a once in a life time opportunity to showcase their music face-to-face with the label reps.

A few of the artists left the event getting their tracks signed by the attending record labels and had the chance to create new networking and business relationships with industry professionals in the music industry. The next event that conference goers were looking forward to was the exhibit, where many vendors showcased their sound systems and music equipment that guests were able to try, up close and personal.

Pioneer DJ had the largest booth where they had over five sound systems and sound decks ready to be tested by guests and fellow artists. We had the chance to play around with the Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller and was taught by one of the Pioneer representatives on how to mix our first beat! (It was pretty embarrassing. We’ll be sticking to our day jobs).

After the exhibit was over, the next event on the to-do list was the official afterparty with DJ Funkagenda at Maison Mercer. This was a VIP event that full pass and guest pass holders were able to get into for free with their conference ticket.

Overall, the 2017 CDJ Show & Conference was a complete success. The conference was quite organized, very educational, and left guests from all over Canada and the States inspired and motivated to keep pursuing their dream of becoming an established artist and producer within the Electronic Dance Music industry.

For a full set of the photos that were taken by the Nas Media team, click here.


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