Cigarettes After Sex hit the Horseshoe Tavern in T.O!

This Texan pop group, Cigarettes After Sex made their way down to our city to one of the most visited concert venues, The Horseshoe Tavern. The show was packed with people from front to back, all the fans excited to see their favourite pop group perform in the 6ix.

The show had a dark vibe to it with minimal use of lights, pyros, and ambience. It was quite authentic in its ways of showcasing the music and talent that this band shares.

Everyone on the dance floor loved the bands edginess and the energy they brought to stage.

In 2016 RollingStone listed them as one of their Ten Artists You Need To Know, calling them “a romantic, wistful Brooklyn band that plays at a heartbroken crawl.” Noisey also praised the group, saying “Cigarettes After Sex’s sound is elemental, hazy, and romantic, but with a noir edge underneath Gonzalez’s androgynous voice.”

The group recently released a new single entitled “K.”Stereogum praised it saying, ” “K.” is a bleary, understated guitar reverie that (gently) impacts like a liquid mix of the Clientele and Red House Painters.”


The band has finished their North American tour but are continuing on their international tour, you can find their tour dates listed below.


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