Vinyl-only label Omertà launches + Announces releases from Future, G Perico



Omertà Inc., founded in London in 2017, is born out of a love of hip hop, mixtape culture and years of collecting vinyl.


Recognizing the integral role that vinyl has historically held in the development of hip hop culture, Omertà’s mission is to revive the format despite the genre’s recent shift to digital releases. Therefore, Omertà will drop two vinyl releases on the last Friday of every month with their first batch featuring Future’s Pluto and G Perico’s Shit Don’t Stop due out February 24th.


The ensuing releases will include everything from long out of print hip hop classics to mixtapes seeing their first ever release on vinyl. With deluxe packaging and each album pressed in strictly limited quantities, every release is a must have.


For more information, visit Omertà Inc. at as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Big Cartel.

About the releases:

Future’s breakthrough album Pluto is now available on vinyl for the first time ever via Omertà Inc. The album has been remastered specifically for a vinyl release and pressed onto high quality 180gm vinyl.


The color edition is limited to 500, hand numbered copies, pressed onto Blue, Purple and White Tie-Dye vinyl. Both versions come with black protective inner sleeves, insert and housed in a stunning silver reflective cover.


Pre-order Pluto here.


G Perico’s critically-acclaimed album Shit Don’t Stop also gets its first vinyl release via Omertà Inc. Limited to 500 copies on split blue and white vinyl. Each copy will be individually hand numbered.

Pre-order Shit Don’t Stop here.

Praise for Shit Don’t Stop:

“In a crowded year for West Coast hip hop, G Perico stands out as one of the most promising newcomers.” – Pitchfork

“Perico’s gift for mythmaking is fully formed. He’s already among the most popular L.A. street rappers to emerge in the last two years.” – LA Weekly

“G Perico offers a flawless and fresh take on gangsta rap.” – FACT

“One of the most promising mixtapes out of LA this year, drenched-in-g-tales Shit Don’t Stop.”

– Noisey

(February 24th, Omertà)
1. The Future Is Now (feat. Big Rube)
2. Parachute (feat. R. Kelly)
3. Straight Up
4. Astronaut Chick
5. Magic (Remix) (feat. T.I.)
6. I’m Trippin (feat. Juicy J)
7. Truth Gonna Hurt You
8. Neva End
9. Tony Montana (feat. Drake)
10. Permanent Scar
11. Same Damn Time
12. Long Live The Pimp (feat. Trae the Truth)
13. Homicide (feat. Snoop Dogg)
14. Turn On the Lights
15. You Deserve It
G Perico
Shit Don’t Stop
(February 24th, Omertà)
1. My World
2. Shit Don’t Stop
3. Dream Nigga
4. South Central (feat. Jay 305 & TF)
5. Neva Die
6. Nothin But Love
7. Hah
8. Middle Finger
9. Million Dolla Mission
10. I Got Business
11. Bout it (feat. TF & Yc Creez)
12. Craccin (feat. Shire)
13. Next 100,000
14. Stay Dangerous
15. Streetz Don’t Love Us
16. My World (Outro)

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