Holy Fuck releases new music video for track ‘Neon Dad’


Holy Fuck has released a brand new music video last week for their new track ‘Neon Dad.’ The track is off their May 2016 release and the video was written, directed and edited by Scott Cudmore.


The band is also touring Canada this month and next, with stops this week in Hamilton and Toronto, followed by shows in Calgary and Saskatoon. Full tour dates listed below.


About Neon Dad (from the band): Neon Dad was written mostly during a rehearsal in Sydney Australia during Laneway festival 2011. It was a rare moment where we went for something mid tempo and melodic. Was it a pop song? a future b side? It pushed the boundaries of our comfort zone. So we pushed back against it, juxtaposing our noisier aesthetic with something uplifting and cathartic. The end result wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of a few of our friends. It was recorded with Loel Campbell on drums, during a live session at the Banff Centre for the Arts with Shawn Everett engineering. Carmen Elle of the band Diana layered in some perfectly icy vocals, recorded in our basement studio in Toronto. Finally Dave Newfeld gave us this mix, turning this song inside out and exposing it’s psychedelic guts. It still scares us but we like it. 


Scott Cudmore made the video. Only he can explain it’s meaning. But to us it feels like a lesson on how Goliaths are more than just biblical giants. These ogres are everywhere, even inside us.


From Cudmore: The song title ‘Neon Dad’ made me think of some kind of psychedelic god, like a patriarchal, biblical God…and then that made me think about the David & Goliath story and what if that happened now, in our modern world? How would the sudden celebrity affect that young man? That was the jumping off point…it’s a bit of the classic fish-out-of-water story mixed with a parody of “lifestyle” culture. The real Goliaths are of our own making.


Upcoming tour dates:

December 16 – Hamilton, ON – The Casbah

December 17 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace

January 20 – Calgary, AB – Big Winter Classic

January 21 – Saskatoon, SK – Amigo’s

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