Moon Tan sky rockets in Canada and wins over Indie Week

Winnipeg rockers, Moon Tan have been very busy this year. The band has just wrapped up their Canadian Tour and released a new single called ‘The Faceless Knight.’ Our Editor Manal Nasrallah spoke with the lead vocalist/bassist Adrian Dyer about touring, Indie Week, and a little history on their band.


We know that you have been on a Canadian Tour for the last couple months. How does it feel performing in a different city every night and showcasing the bands creativity to an entirely different crowd each time?

It’s an interesting experiment. You get to test your product in a different market, gauge what clicks with the audience, and see how your music resonates with a foreign crowd that may not have seen you before. I always love hearing what people have to say after the show, along with their pre and post show thoughts & experience. Life on the road can definitely be mentally and physically exhausting, but it’s the music and the fans that fuels our fire.

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to the bands musicality? In essence, what is a hobby that you turn to in order to rejuvenate your creativity?

I’m a bit of a classic video game connoisseur (Nintendo fan). Oddly enough I think video game music permeates my subconscious from countless hours of playing games back in the day.. I also enjoy checking out local bands in the Peg. There’s a solid club called The Cavern that always has something interesting going on. That and socializing with friends! I find getting out and not thinking about music at all for a period makes coming back to the bass feel like seeing an old best friend.

Which band member makes the costumes?

We actually designed our own costumes individually. The iconic bellbottoms were custom made by a tailor – Brady had been calling all over the city to find someone that would actually do it. After countless calls he found a kind soul that would take the plunge!

What made you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

The band initially spawned out of drummer Nick Knock Kula’s desire to start a cover band. I think it was unanimous that we all wanted to create music that we loved playing and listening to, and this eventually resulted in us starting Moon Tan together. We have different influences, but there is definitely a common love for rock n’ roll that flows through our veins.  I used to scour YouTube watching almost every single Red Hot Chili Peppers live concert, and I was always captivated by the sheer amount of energy they poured into every single live show. It was very inspiring for me.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

I’d say the compositions have matured a little more. Basically I try to write something that excites me in that moment and run with it, and that can change over time.

What’s your ultimate direction for the band?

Bottom line is we want to deliver an unforgettable live show both sonically and visually. As our budget increases so will the production of our live show. Imagine the largest festival in the world with the biggest crowd, and that’s an accurate representation of our heart’s desire.


Moon Tan have made their mark in the music industry and have WON Indie Week this year! There were over 300 bands performing at Indie Week in Toronto and Moon Tan took the prize home. The band is headed back to their hometown Winnipeg tonight to play their final show of the tour at The Park Theatre for their ‘Faceless Knight’ 7” Release Party.


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