Saint Marilyn Debut “Frustrate Me” Video Via IMPOSE

Saint Marilyn Share “Frustrate Me” Video Via IMPOSE


WATCH & SHARE: Saint Marilyn – Frustrate Me Video

“She portrays the emotion of the lyrics in her facial expressions as shots of a dancer bring an even deeper layer of meaning to the track.” – IMPOSE

“Synthy goodness.” – All Things Go

“Though the song plays on the frustration of relationships, the finished product is quite the opposite; it’s expressive and emotive and emblazoned with its own alluring personality.”

Today, Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo Saint Marilyn shared, via IMPOSE, the official music video for their song “Frustrate Me.” The dance-focused video is directed and edited by Lindsey Houston, whose background includes work for Lady Gaga, U2, and Regina Spektor.

“The premise is to explore the emotion possible behind a calm exterior,” explains Houston, “The other-worldly visual treatment helps to emphasize that we’re peeking into non-reality—exploring the breadth of thoughts and feelings that can occur in an instant.”

After releasing their EP ‘Shoshone’ last year, the band flourished with a dancy high-energy live-show, integrating live drums and bass into their sound, and making rounds at popular New York venues. Saint Marilyn’s “Frustrate Me” comes ahead of a full-length release, set to come out in 2017.


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