Har Mar Superstar Premieres “How Did I Get Through The Day?” Video Via Brooklyn Vegan | ‘Best Summer Ever’ Out Now Via Cult Records | On Tour Now

Har Mar Superstar Premieres “How Did I Get Through The Day?”Video Via Brooklyn Vegan

‘Best Summer Ever’ Out Now On Cult Records

On National Headline Tour Now


WATCH & SHARE: Har Mar Superstar – “How Did I Get Through The Day?”

“How Did I Get Through The Day” is one of the more soulful songs on Har Mar Superstar‘s 2016 album Best Summer Ever, a no-irony slice of ’70s slow-burn groove with Har Mar really belting it out.”
-Brooklyn Vegan

“The A.V. Club is premiering “How Did I Get Through The Day?,” a ’50s-style heartbreaker that highlights Tillman’s knack for soulful crooning. It’s a track that shows Tillman’s masterful understanding of music history, while establishing his place in it as a chameleonic force.”
— AV Club

Best Summer Ever, continues this exploration of his identity as a melodic and lyrical craftsmen….”we decided to produce it like it was my greatest hits from 1950 to 1985.”  True to his album’s vision, Tillmann romps through ’50s bubblegum pop, ’60s soul, and retro synth-pop, all while managing to put his own lo-fi, vocal-forward spin on each style…the endeavor finds Tillmann’s voice sounding deeper, rawer, and more vulnerable than ever.” — MPR
Today Brooklyn Vegan shared the video for Har Mar Superstar’s single “How Did I Get Through The Day”. The track along with the previous singles “Youth Without Love” & “It Was Only Dancing (Sex)” are all on Har Mar’s most recent LP ‘Best Summer Ever‘ out now via Cult Records.
Sean Tillmann has been making records under the name Har Mar Superstar since 1999.  Under the Har Mar moniker Sean has gone through a plethora of phases ranging from fun-loving beats-based music pioneer (he and Peaches shared stages early on) to angry arena crowd opener (public lewdness police records to prove it) to soul music crooner.  His last album Bye Bye 17 opened a lot of peoples’ minds to his songwriting prowess, which has existed since day one of his career.
For years Tillmann was an artist’s artist when The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gossip, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many other legends decided to collaborate and/ or take him on tour.  Different phases of his career brought him fame through the fickle worlds of indie, British pop, LA DJ-dom, and New York night crawling.
Bye Bye 17 was an eye opener to the music world, not that Tillmann wasn’t used to accolades through his former work with Sean Na Na, Gayngs, Neon Neon, and Calvin Krime.  Sean had “arrived as a songwriter”.  After living in LA and NYC for 12 years, Sean moved back to Minneapolis, MN where he is most creative.  With the help of Chris Bierden (Polica, Bye Bye 17), Ryan McMahon (Har Mar, Lizzo), Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Adele, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens), and Ryan Olson (Polica, Marijuana Deathsquads) Har Mar Superstar’s album “Best Summer Ever” was born.
Best Summer Ever since it’s inception has been imagined as a Greatest Hits of Har Mar Superstar from 1950-1985.  Tillmann was born in 1978.  Wrap your head around that, please.
Best Summer Ever is a slow burner with many ballads, dance-able tracks, and co-writes.  Long-time friend Julian Casablancas (Cult Records founder, The Strokes), Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Erykah Badu, Voidz, Weezer), and Tillmann worked very closely to make the concept happen.  Karen O, Matt Sweeney, and James Levy (Reputante, Lolawolf) all helped write songs on the record.  Bobby Charles wrote “I Hope”.   “Youth Without Love” was a demo written by Julian that was sitting around that Har Mar fell in love with, so they made it for the record.
Look out for Har Mar Superstar, now fronting a six-piece band complete with horns, touring worldwide this year.  The live show has always been a fun, sweat-soaked celebration of joy.  The man was born to rock a stage.  Join the party.
Don’t fake your love.
Tour Dates
Har Mar Superstar – 2016 Tour Dates
Nov 21 Stickyz Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicken Shack w/ Tickle Torture – Little Rock, AR
Nov 22 Riot Room w/ Tickle Torture – Kansas City, MO
Nov 25 First Avenue / Tickle Torture – Minneapolis, MN
Dec 02 Turner Hall Ballroom w/ GGOOLLDD, Flint – Milwaukee, WI
Dec 31 1st Ward at Chop Shop (2016 NYE Celebration with Big Freedia) – Chicago, IL

01. I Hopeunnamed-5
02. Youth Without Love
03. Anybody’s Game
04. How Did I Get Through the Day?
05. Haircut (feat. Karen O)
06. It Was Only Dancing (Sex)

07. Don’t Erase
08. My Radiator
09. Famous Last Words
10. Confidence

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