The Success is in The Statistics


British Columbia artists The Statistics have been very busy this year. The band has just wrapped up their Western Canadian Tour and released a new single called ‘Old Habits.’ Our Editor Manal Nasrallah spoke with the brothers Darby and Erin Yule about touring and a little history on their band.

We know that you’ve done three Western Canadian Tours, would you want to tour in other countries? If so, which ones?

Darby: From a personal standpoint, I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. We both have a lot of friends there and we both like cooler climates. My favourite beer is also Innis & Gunn so I’d like to go to their brewery in Scotland and shake them down for a sponsorship.

Erin: We’ve always been the kind of people that like building communities though. That’s a big reason why we play music. To us, being able to go to other countries would be a dream. The plan is to hit as many places as we possibly can. I’m not super picky about where we go but I’m guessing our first international excursion will either be to Europe or the States.

During your tour, where was your favorite place to perform? What is your favorite venue or festival?

Erin: Honestly, anywhere that we see fans out. You tend to only spend 16 hours max in a city due to driving so you don’t really get a chance to see it except for at the venue itself.

Darby: I can tell you that Lethbridge, AB surprised us the most on this last tour. We didn’t realize how tight knit and friendly the music community is there. I think it’s mainly due to their University’s Music Program. Honestly though, we really enjoy most places we’ve been. We are in Toronto right now and we’ve had a blast here.

Who are your musical influences?

Erin: Does having a huge crush on Taylor Swift count as an influence? Cause if so, that’s my biggest one. I have also been influenced by a huge breadth of people. I listened to and played quite a bit of bop and big band jazz when I was younger. I see my job in the band as trying to support Darby’s songwriting as much as I can, so many of my influences are people who are great at that: Will Champion of Coldplay, Tre Cool of Green Day, Steve Gadd in pretty much everything, to name a few.

Darby: I grew up listening to a lot of Punk Rock. As a result, I think aspects of it still shows up in my music. I was really into bands like Green Day, The Loved Ones, and Blink 182. Recently, I’ve been listening to people like Brian Fallon, Muddy Waters, Marvin Gaye, Kings of Leon. These all are a lot more representative of the other side of The Statistics.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

Darby: Well, we started playing together when I was 11 and Erin was 9 so it has changed quite a bit. It went from a really young garage band to ska punk to what you hear now which is basically Epic Alternative Rock. Our sound especially changed when we decided to do a 2 piece set up. It got more raw and more based around who we were as people as compared to who we were trying to be originally.

Erin: Yeah. I think that was an incredibly important step forward for us because we realized that influences should be influences. They shouldn’t be who you are. Does sounding like Green Day feel good and get you people listening initially? Yes. But it doesn’t build real connections with people. We have moved away from the heavy guitars and complex synths that are so common now toward a low-gain, analog, almost dry sound that we think is quite the breath of fresh air.

What are your future plans for The Statistics?

Darby: Just keep swimming really. Our goal is to create great communities and connections. We believe that we are on track to do that. We do want to tour internationally and create great music for people to enjoy and share. I think to do that stuff it comes down to honesty, grit, and a little luck. I like to think we have all of those.

Erin: Continue killing it. We pretty much are doing backflips 24/7 these days. So we are going to try to keep doing that.


Check out The Statistics new music video for ‘Old Habits’ here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 4.55.58 PM.png


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