Sharam releases Crazi Dub edit of collaboration with Daniel Bedingfield “Call To Me”

Sharam & Daniel Bedingfield – “Call To Me (Sharam’s Crazi Dub edit)”

Listen on SoundCloud


Following in the footsteps of his ‘i’ series, which includes such classics as Texi, Crazi, and Tripi, Sharam applies the same mindset to his single “Call To Me,” crafting a unique dub that utilizes complex, evolving arpeggios, driving bass riffs, and other bold sonic elements. The mix reduces Daniel Bedingfield’s somber vocals to mere snippets; ghostly effects lurking in the background of a looming arrangement tailored for the Underground audience.

The original was released on Sharam’s album Retroactive in June.  This dynamic collaboration’s roots go back to the pair’s hit single “The One” from Sharam’s 2008 album Get Wild.  As is typical with Sharam, ‘Call To Me’ infuses Bedingfield’s beautiful, complex and heart-warming songwriting with a dark and lavish house groove resulting in a composition fit for the club, the radio, the beach, the bus, or anywhere you can escape into this emotional, sonic journey.







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